Basil O'Glue's opinion on why trance has gone bad

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Basil O'Glue's opinion on why trance has gone bad -
25 March 2015, at 16:54
Originally posted by Basil O'Glue
A lot of people say their opinion, on why electronic music has gone real bad the last years. I'll speak about my favorite genre, Trance.
Just another opinion, a honest one...

It's mostly labels fault.


Creating your own music back then, was much harder than nowadays. Imagine no Ableton, vst's, nothing. just hardware...
It took a lot of effort, money, time, to create some decent music. Now, utorrent -> FL download -> Boom! a Producer is born.
What the hell have labels to do with that?
They let it happen... They started releasing low quality music. The bar went too low. Its too easy nowadays to release your "music" at the biggest digital store.
Labels in the past (vinyls) would never consider releasing a just decent track, the risk would be huge, they were very careful, picking only top class music,that would guarantee their money back. (Labels are companies, yes, they do care about income)

Now, its costless for a label to release something... 0 cost, really.
Only your reputation is at risk...
So, they put the bar even lower, approve more demos, in order to release more often, and finally gain more... (income for labels nowadays is very very low instead of 10 years ago)
Now it's very rare to find 1 proper track among hundreds, or even thousands.
If you think nowadays that trance music is very good and banging then you probably have missed the vinyl era :(

That's all! Peace!


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# 31 March 2015, at 00:18
and thats why we have artists like Christopher Lawrence, John 00 Flemming, Solarstone, and Aly & Fila and their labels to hopefully fix this.
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# 31 March 2015, at 18:41
Well ye there are enough great artists out there and plenty of awesome tracks are still released, but he's right that labels also release way too much shit, just because there is no risk at all anymore.

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