Remcommendation 006: Daniel Wanrooy pres. BORDERLESS - One

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Remcommendation 006: Daniel Wanrooy pres. BORDERLESS - One -
4 December 2017, at 21:24

We all know Daniel Wanrooy. We remember him from his great trance tunes some years ago. He's been off the trance radar for a few years, but this year he has fully returned. Tune after tune he released in 2017. Tracks like 'All My Life', 'Alpha', 'Beautiful World', 'Turbulence', 'Beta' and 'Gamma'. Mostly Progressive House and Progressive Trance.

And on top of that, he released a full artist album last 1st of December under his new BORDERLESS alias. And that name basically says it all. Daniel didn't feel any borders when producing this one. He did whatever he felt like at the moment and it's hearable in the result. It is completely different than what I was used to. But not for worse. Certainly not for worse. This album is not made to dance on. It's to play when chilling with your friends. Or when driving your car. And I really did chill when I listened to it. My favorite track of the album is Cyanide, but I loved every bit of the rest as well. A true 'Remcommendation'.

Check out BORDERLESS - One here.
Listen or download BORDERLESS - One here.
Read the interview with Daniel Wanrooy about this album amongst others here.

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