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Hello from Ukraine -
25 April 2007, at 05:26
Hello! My name is Irina.I from city of Nikolaev (Ukraine).
13 years I listen to a trance - music. I shall be very glad to you to join. :hp:
# Re: Hello from Ukraine - 25 April 2007, at 06:25
Hello from Russia, Irina. Enjoy your stay!
Filip Fong
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# Re: Hello from Ukraine - 25 April 2007, at 08:58
Hello Irina, and welcome to the site!

You have been listening to Trance for a very long time I see! :) You have come to the right place then! ;)

Hope you enjoy your stay!
It's about music! Not one music style is better than the other, not one music style is more truly than the other. The whole thing is based on respect. It's all music, music never separates people!
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# Re: Hello from Ukraine - 25 April 2007, at 10:20
Welcome to the site, Irina :)

Enjoy your stay, and feel free to start posting!
# Re: Hello from Ukraine - 25 April 2007, at 15:25
Welcome Irina!! Enjoy the site! :D
TrancePodium Staff
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# Re: Hello from Ukraine - 26 April 2007, at 22:34
Hallo Irina!

Welcome to Trance Podium.  Hope you enjoy your stay and hang out with us for a while  :D
# Re: Hello from Ukraine - 27 April 2007, at 17:54
if we can get as many trance veterans as possible, the betta. 13 years listenin to trance WOW thats really impressive so i look forward to your great depth of knowledge and expertise. welcome  :)
# Re: Hello from Ukraine - 10 June 2007, at 11:59
warm ukrainian greetings from Germany, Berlin!!
u guys got any idea where I can find tiesto's club life 010?? Im totally blown away by the last one...