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Swiss-Italian Guy -
13 December 2016, at 09:46
Hi guys,

My name is Corrado and I'm a native Italian but was born in Switzerland, where I still live. My Artist name is - baco - and I'm still a newcomer but had the chance to play here in my Country with a lot of the big Names in the szene. So I'm thankfull to had this chance, because not a lot of us have it. I'm into Uplifting Trance mostly, and I have a Podcast shared in few Sessions (Vocal, Melodic, Uplifting and Deep), Deep because beside Trance I also love Progressive and Deep Trance.

I look forward for many conversations and if you would like to listen also once my Podcast feel free to do it (you find me on every Socal Media Plattform under baco or dj baco) and I try to announce newest here in the Podcast-Topic,

Have a great Time and best wishes and greets,
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# 13 December 2016, at 20:48
Heeeey Corrado aka 'Mentos guy' haha! Finally you decided to sign up here ;) :)

Great to have you in our community and I hope we can help eachother out in the future :)

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