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30 December 2009, at 10:58

Super AFC Ajax: “Hello everybody! Thank you all for being here tonight for our second Trance Podium Awards Gala. It’s been a great year. Not only for trance in general, with so many great new tracks, but also for Trance Podium. We got many enthousiastic and active new members this year and the amount of new posts and new topics has again increased compared to 2008. Many great discussions as well, although Tiësto had a great part in that haha.

The rise of popularity of this site is also visible in the votings of the 2009 Trance Podum Awards. We got abut 60% more votes than last year! I can see also that there are many more people here for the gala there are much less empty spaces than last year and we will present this night with the four of us, Hypnotic, R33, Rover and me. Unfortunately Ben couldn’t come due to his study :p

I want to take the opportunity here as well to welcome Rover in our organization!  He’s only…..”

*the audience applauses for Rover*

Super AFC Ajax continues: “He’s only in our staff for a short period, but has shown much enthousiasm and capacity, which is also proven by the votings.

And like last year, I see many famous DJ’s here in the front rows at the VIP tables, having taken the effort to be with us here tonight as well, like Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Menno de Jong, Daniel Kandi and many many more. Thanks you all for joining us here as well and for seeing these awards as a true recognition :)

So let’s get started with the awards. Oh wait one second, I see somebody in the back right next to the door, who is it? You can come in more and take a seat if you want. You don’t have to be shy. Aaah I see it now, it’s PsychoKilla666. Even if you didn’t vote because you think it won’t change anything, you’re allowed to enter my friend :p

Anyway, let’s start with the awards. We got some requests to start with the Global Awards due to the busy schedule some of the DJ’s have, so let’s do it that way. We’re not going to start with the most important awards though hehe.

Let me start first with the best mix of 2009. This could’ve been any kind of mix, like a guestmix, an episode of a radioshow, a podcast, anything except for a liveset. Some of the nominees were, Tiësto’s Club Life episode 141, Above & Beyond with their Trance Around The World episode 295, Psycoholic  with his guestmix in Rush Hour episode 019 and Menno de Jong’s Intuition Podcast 014, the Yearmix of 2008.
But the winner is……

Tiësto with his 100th episode of Club Life!!!”

*the whole audience is applauding for Tiësto as he comes forward*

Super AFC Ajax: “Congretulations Tijs! A deserved winner as it was a magikal episode!”

Tiësto: “Heel erg bedankt Remco and thank you all who have voted for me for my first TP Award! I can say I didn’t expect this at all, because I didn’t win anything last year and I got quite some critics here on this forum this year. So this really means a lot to me that even after all these critics I’ve still won an award!”

Super AFC Ajax: “The next award we will be handing out is the award for the Best Liveset of 2009! Tiësto’s set at Koninginnedag in Amsterdam came close as well as The Best Of Both Worlds: Armin van Buuren vs Markus Schulz also in Amsterdam at the end, but the award for Best Liveset 2009 goes to……
Armin van Buuren at A State Of Trance 400 in Rotterdam whoohohooo!”

*again an applause from the audience follows*

Super AFC Ajax: “Congretulations Armin! Another deserved award, since I was there and it was the perfect set!”

*Super AFC Ajax hands out the award to Armin van Buuren.”

Armin van Buuren: “Thanks man! I can say that even after the 5 awards I won last year, this one was missing out so I’m very happy with it! Thank you all for voting!”

PsychoKilla666: “I thought that one was the least good of the 3 he played for ASOT 400…”

Super AFC Ajax: “Then you should’ve voted mate :p

*Super AFC Ajax hands over the microphone to Rover*

Rover: “Congretulations Armin on my behalf as well and thank you Remco for the warm welcome in the team. I'm honored to be able to play a bigger role on this great site! Now let’s go on with the next award. The award for Best Radioshow slash Podcast. Club Life scored a lot of points here as well, as well as Global DJ Broadcast, Corsten’s Countdown and Menno de Jong’s Intuition Radio Show. But this one was kind of obvious. For the second ear in a row, the award for Best Radioshow goes tooooooooo:
A State Of Trance from Armin van Buuren!!!!
Come back on stage Armin!”

*Another applause from the audience, but less loud as the one before.*

Rover: “It seems most people expected this haha, but congretulations with this award as well!”

Armin van Buuren: “Thanks Rover and again thank you all for voting for me. This has been a massive year for my radioshow with the 400th episode and about 30 million listeners every week, so it feels great that it’s much appreciated. Thanks!

You think I should stay on stage? Haha”

Rover: “Well you might have to, let’s see. The next award is the award for Best Mix Album. You’re Universal Religion Chapter 4 was the only abum that could keep up just a little bit with the winner, but ended second. The winner of this award, as a follow up from last years winner…..

Is indeed again Armin van Buuren with his A State Of Trance 2009 album!”

*Another applause but again less loud*

Armin van Buuren: “I hope you all won’t get bored of me here now haha, but I can say this doesn’t bore me. Amazing, really! Thank you all once again!”

*Rover on his turn hands over the microphone to R33*

R33: “Good evening everybody, shame I’ve missed this last year, because it’s really fun to be a part of. The next award is the award for Best Artist Album. This one was a pretty exciting one as 3 albums were in the running until the end. The two that just didn’t make it were Ferry Corsten - Twice In A Blue Moon Remixed and Markus Schulz presenting Dakota - Thoughts Become Things. But the winner is, and after reading some of the comments on this forum about it, it’s quite unexpected if you ask me, is……..
Tiësto - Kaleidoscope!!!!!  Mr. Verwest, please come forward!”

*Massive applause from the true Tiësto fans that we got quite a lot of the last year*

R33: “Congretulations!”

Tiësto: “Wow, a second award and very unexpected from a trance forum. I guess it doesn’t matter how music is labeled, as long as it’s been appreciated and that I have fun producing and playing it. Thanks everybody for voting for my album!”

R33: “We’re going to combine the handing out of the next two awards for Best Mashup and Best Remix. The stage will be full though as we have 3 winners for the Best Remix Award. The winner, or must I also with this one say, winners of the Best Mashup is going to the guys of Myon & Shane 54 for their mashup of OceanLab vs Gareth Emery - On A Metropolis Day!”

*An applause falls down on the 2 guys when they step forward and R33 continues*

R33: “And the winners of the Best Remix Awards are Ferry Corsten for his touchy remix of Bobina’s ‘Invisible Touch’, Rafaël Frost for his remix of Ferry Corsten - Shelter Me and my personal favorite… Jorn van Deynhoven for his remix of Ram - RAMsterdam! Congretulations to all of you!”

Myon & Shane 54, Ferry Corsten, Rafaël Frost and Jorn van Deynhoven all together: “Thank you all who’ve voted for us!”

Ferry Corsten: “Yooooo, besides that I’m very happy with this award, I want to say another thing. I want to especially congratulate Rafaël with his award. It’s been an amazing year for him and he totally deserves this. One of the reasons I asked him to remix Shelter me for my Twice In A Blue Moon Remixed album and I don’t regret it. Gefeliciteerd man!”

Rafaël Frost: “Bedankt Ferry and thanks for the massive promotion you did for me. I couldn’t have done it without you. And neither without all of you of course! Thank you thank you thank you!”

*Another applause from the audience follows*

Hypnotic: “It’s time for me to hand over some awards now, so here we go! The next award is for the Best ch00n Award 2009 :) The best two tracks chosen by you are actually two of my favorite tracks as well, so I’m happy to be able to give this one. Gareth Emery - Exposure didn’t win it by 1single vote only, but the winner is Armin van Buuren presenting Gaia with Tuvan! Choooooooooooooooooooooooooon!!!!

*A standing ovation from the public follows when Armin comes forward again after winning his 4th award of the evening and the 9th award in total*

Hypnotic: “Congretulations Armin, you probably expected it already after the AOT Top 20, but a well deserved award for this massive track.”

Armin van Buuren: “Thank you Marjan. A bit expected maybe, but not less worthy. WOW! So much appreciation from this forum. Amazing! Really amazing! Thank you!”

Hypnotic: “Let’s move on with the awards of Best Newcomer. Always a nice award for the best upcoming talent. Like last year, two people has won this award again. Last year it were Akesson and Sied van Riel, this year, Jan Oostdyk came very close, but the winners are:

*They both step forward under a massive applause*

Hypnotic: “Congretulations to the both of you! It must’ve been a crazy year for you!”

Jorn van Deynhoven: “Yes it definitely was. My remix of RAMsterdam really got things crazy for me this year. And besides thanking all of you here this evening, I have to thank Armin for playing it so many times haha and therefore promoting it.”

*Marjan hands over the microphone back to Super AFC Ajax for the two most important Global Awards of the evening*

Super AFC Ajax: “Great to see all those happy faces, not only after winning the awards, but also how much it’s awarded to colleagues. That’s the true spirit of trance! We move on to the award for Best Producer of 2009. I expected this guy t have a chance on winning it, but that it would be with such big difference is quite incredible. Markus Schulz came the closest, but the winner is…….GARETH EMERYYYY!!!!

*Massive standing ovation when Gareth climbs up the stage*

Super AFC Ajax: “Congretulations man! You totally deserved this award. This has been a massive year for you!

Gareth Emery: “Oh yes it really was. I still can’t believe it. Thank you very much. This comes close to my top 10 spot in the DJ Mag Top 100 haha. Btw, wasn’t it you who was jumping in front of me at the Amsterdam Dance Events?”

Super AFC Ajax: “Haha, ye it was me. Nice you remember it :)

Gareth Emery: “Well, to be honest, it’s because of your wife. I remember telling her that Markus was such a crap DJ playing after me. That was a joke of course Markus hahaha “

Super AFC Ajax: “We know it is Gareth haha. She became a true fan of you after that btw ;)
And now the moment all of you I front of me here have been waiting for… How’s the champagne btw? Could’ve been better? Ok, we’ll chose another one next year haha.  Ok, it’s time for the award of Best DJ 2009! Menno de Jong and Ferry Corsten could follow for a while, but it was in between 3 other DJ’s until the end. Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, and….. the winner is…… MARKUS SCHULZ!!!!!”

*Markus Schulz comes on stage while Vera needs to be kept away from him by the security guards…yes we did arrange some security guards this time. Another standing ovation from the rest of the public*

Super AFC Ajax: “Congretulations Markus. It was tight, but deserved. One question: How did you experience Armin vs Markus at the HMH in Amsterdam earlier this month?

Markus Schulz: “Oh it was massive! Really, fom the start till the end. I loooved playing with Armin. And the audience right there was massive as well. But this isn’t any less. Thank you all for voting for me!

Super AFC Ajax: “That’s great to hear as I was one of the audience there haha, and I must say it was one of the best events ever. Thank you for that!

Some of you have probably noticed I missed out on some of the awards, I will announce them right now.

The award for Best Event goes to, what else, A State Of Trance 400!!!
Best Radiostation, also what else,! And even though Black Hole, Coldharbour and Anjunabeats could keep up pretty long, like last year, the award for Best Label goes to Armada!

So far the Global Awards. Now we continue with the Trance Podium Awards.”

*Due to their busy schedule, Armin and Tiësto leave the venue, but good to see all the rest is staying*

(See next post for the rest)

FKA Super AFC Ajax
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# TP AWARDS 2009 - RESULTS!!! - 30 December 2009, at 10:59
Super AFC Ajax: “Like the Global Awards, we will announce the awards in the opposite order as last year. We start with the awards for the best topics. The award for ‘Best Lounge’-topic, and we have 2 winners for this one immediately go to: Water Lord Strivna for his ‘Track Title Game’ and [Birdman]’s topic ‘Trance Addict Of The Month: Vera'
Seems like after losing her title of Best Newcomer 2008, Vera kinda did win something haha :p
The results of the award for Best ‘General Discusions’-topic were dominated by discussion about Tiësto. Only the topic ‘Wow! A trance forum where people still like trance!!’ by simonb could come in between. But the winner is: Tiesto “bored of trance” by Rover!
The award for Best ‘Liveset’-topic goes to the same liveset that won the Best Liveset-award in the Global Awards-section: Menno de Jong - Live @ Menno Solo @ Wester Unie (Amsterdam) [08.11.2008]! Congretulations again Menno!
The winner for Best ‘Introduction’-topic couldn’t be here tonight and I hope he won’t be gone for a long time again. You might know who I’m talking about already: Re-Introduction by Filip Fong, our former staff-member!
And then the last award for a topic is the award for Best Overall Topic Award 2009. This time the Trance Podium Anniversary topic didn’t win it, but as the Best Overall Topic of 2009 has been chosen: A State Of Trance 400 with Armin van Buuren (ASOT 400) [16.04.2009]”

Super AFC Ajax: “Ok, let’s move on to the awards all the members have been waiting for. The awards that really matter. We start with the award for Best Mix of 2009! Last year Ben won it with his mix for the 2nd Anniversary of Trance Podium, this time it’s again a mix from our own Anniversary, but not from Ben this time, although he came close again. This years winner of the award Best Mix of 2009 is…..GREEN OCTOPUS a.k.a. Rover a.k.a. Kevin Berger!!!!! Come here on stage Kevin!”

*Rover comes on stage under a great applause*

Super AFC Ajax: “Congretulations mate! Surprised yo won it?”

Rover: “To be honest yes, since last year Ben won it by a big distance and he had put together a great mix again this time. So, this really means a lot to me. Thanks everybody who has voted!”

*Super AFC Ajax hands over the microphone to Hypnotic while Rover waks away under another big applause*

Hypnotic: “Congrets Kevin, and as this is getting more exciting every award we hand out, we move on to the next one which is the award for Best Track of 2009. Also this one was won by Ben last year and he did it with a massive distance with his track Turbulence even played by Tiësto and Ferry Corsten in their radio shows. This year the winner won it with only 2 votes difference….. The winner of this year is…… AGAIN BEN PARKER with his track SYLVAAAA!!!!

Unfortunately, Ben couldn’t come this year due to his study ( :p ), but he doesn’t deserve it any less and I’m sure he’s happy with it.

So let’s continue immediately with the next award. The award for Best DJ/Producer of 2009. And also this award was won by Ben last year with a big distance, probably mainly because of his earlier mentionned track. This time the winner also won it with a smaller distance, but still quite far from the rest. The winner of the Best DJ/Producer Award of 2009 is…… again BEN PARKEEEEEER!!!! Even though you can’t be here, congretulations Ben!”

*And Hypnotic hands over the microphone again to Rover*

Rover: “The next award is the award for Best Newcomer 2009!”

Deadmau5 PK: “Deadmau5 PK! Deadmau5 PK! Deadmau5 PK!”

Rover: “Almost Deadmau5 PK :p . As Remco mentionned in the beginning, many great new members have signed up last year. Members like Shadowman, Allure123 BristolCity1992, MOUBiUS, [Birdman], NOTLiM25, sky^, 006655, Lady Kvara and many many more. So there was quite a big diversity in the votings which made it pretty exciting. But the one and only winner is……. ALLURE123!!!!!”

*Allure123 climbs up the stage, being congretulated by many members while walking up there and getting a massive applause*

Rover: “Congretulations Semir!”

Allure123: “Wow, thank you very much all of you! This is a great feeling, to follow up a great member like Vera with this award. It’s a great honor!”

Vera: “You deserve it, Se…wait for it…mir! Hahahaha”

Rover: “Then we will have the award for Best Staffmember 2009. I guess this was a race between Remco and Marjan, although I got quite some votes as well seeing I only started in this team in October. Thank you for your faith in me! But this years voted Best Staffmember is……SUPER AFC AJAX!!!!!

*Applause sounds when Super AFC Ajax comes back on stage *

Louder Than Boom: “Thank you perfect Admin!!!”

Super AFC Ajax: “No, thank you all! I can’t believe this! I already couldn’t believe it last year and I expected it even less this year. I really expected Marjan to win it this year considering the massive amount of time he puts in thi forum. Cthank you very much for that great job you do Marjan and thank you all for voting for me of course hehe!”

*Rover hands over the microphone to R33 for the last 2 awards*

R33: “Thanks Rover. I’m honored to hand out the las 2 awards of the night. Excitement rises. The next award is the award for Most Favorite Member, not to be confused with Best Member. This is the award for personal favorites, which  have to say isquite an easy one on Trance Podium where almost everybody seems to get along very well. A big aplause for you all for that. That’s what makes this site so great!”

*Everybody applauses for themselves and their fellow members*

R33: “Anyway, like last year Marjan, Super AFC Ajax and Vera took part of the battle for this award again, but the winner of the Favorite Member Award goes tooooo…..

Deadmau5 PK: “Deadmau5 PK! Deadmau5 PK! Deadmau5 PK!”

R33: “…also like last year: SUPER AFC AJAX!!!!”

*And Super AFC Ajax comes back on stage again under applause*

Super AFC Ajax: “OMG!!!! This is unbelievable!!! Never thought I was this much in favor for so many members! :O Thank you all soooo much, you don’t know how much this means to me!”

Louder Than Boom: “Thank you perfect Admin!!!”

R33: “And now we have almost reached the end of the night with only one award left. The award for Best Member 2009! Let’s just stop all the excitement and announce the winner. Last year it was Hypnotic who won it, will he win t this year again? The winner has done it with quite a big difference this time, I can say…. Ok, the winner of the Best Member of 2009 Award is…….

Deadmau5 PK: “Deadmau5 PK! Deadmau5 PK! Deadmau5 PK!”

R33: “….also SUPER AFC AJAX!!!!!!!!”

*And Super AFC Ajax comes again back on stage, this time under a massive applause!*

Louder Than Boom: “Thank you perfect Admin!!!”

Super AFC Ajax blushing: “OMGOMGOMG!! This feels almost emberassing :blush: I really can’t believe this. And with such big distance :blush: In my opinion Marjan deserved this award like last year, but of course I’m very happy to win this! Thank you all for the massive support!”

*Super AFC Ajax bows to the public and makes a heart with his hand, a standing ovation follows, also from the famous DJ’s, well except for one. Daniel Kandi is too drunk to stand up and falls from his chair*

Super AFC Ajax: “One more time, thank you all for voting and for being here with us. It’s been a great year and the awards were great as well. Bigger than last year and I hope that next year it will be again bigger. One more thing I have to say, because not everybody seemed to have understood it, even though it was written in the rules, voting for yourself is not allowed ;) Cheers, have a great New Years Eve all of you and all the best wishes and see you all in the new year when I will post up the full results of these awards.”

THANK YOU!!!!!!  

FKA Super AFC Ajax
# Re: TP AWARDS 2009 - RESULTS!!! - 30 December 2009, at 12:32
Well i have to say i am very disappointed  :(, But congratulations to the winners.  :)
Water Lord Strivna
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# Re: TP AWARDS 2009 - RESULTS!!! - 30 December 2009, at 13:44
"Markus Schulz comes on stage while Vera needs to be kept away from him by the security guards…yes we did arrange some security guards this time." LOL, without a doubt my favorite part of this! :D

Wow, I'm surprised to see my topic actually winning something! :O Especially since it's almost exactly the same as Remco's "DJ Name Game" thread. LOL. Congrats to all the winners! :D
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# Re: TP AWARDS 2009 - RESULTS!!! - 30 December 2009, at 13:45
Just finished reading the whole "event". Great job with the story and I'm still shocked to see that I won the Best Newcomer Award. Thank you all who voted for me!
Also congrats to the winners, especially you, Remco! You really deserve it :D

# Re: TP AWARDS 2009 - RESULTS!!! - 30 December 2009, at 23:11
Hi Super AFC.... the names of winners are great, but I can't find the posts with the links to download these....

Please..... Can you post the links of posts of the best live set (2009)

Happy new Year... greattings from Colombia!!!

Thanx a lot
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# Re: TP AWARDS 2009 - RESULTS!!! - 31 December 2009, at 10:31
Originally posted by Fogui

Hi Super AFC.... the names of winners are great, but I can't find the posts with the links to download these....

Please..... Can you post the links of posts of the best live set (2009)

Happy new Year... greattings from Colombia!!!

Thanx a lot

Here you go mate, you can just scroll down and you'll find it:,8736.0/
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# Re: TP AWARDS 2009 - RESULTS!!! - 31 December 2009, at 10:58
Originally posted by Water

Hahaha yeah i laughed too :p.. No security guard could have held me though :p..

Congrats everyone who won :D i think everyone deserved it! Love you TP :<3: :D
... Endless love and trust in trance ...
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# Re: TP AWARDS 2009 - RESULTS!!! - 31 December 2009, at 12:39
Congrats to all the winners!
Great write up Remco!
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# Re: TP AWARDS 2009 - RESULTS!!! - 31 December 2009, at 12:50
Awesome. :D A little surprised by the results. Thanks to everyone who voted for me and congratulations to the winners. :)
Veritas curat. Vertias vos liberabit.
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# Re: TP AWARDS 2009 - RESULTS!!! - 31 December 2009, at 19:27
haha :D

Congrats guys! Will have your badges ready in the next few days, so you can put them in your sigs and brag :)
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# Re: TP AWARDS 2009 - RESULTS!!! - 1 January 2010, at 16:50
Awesome stuff guys :) only just seen this :)
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# Re: TP AWARDS 2009 - RESULTS!!! - 2 January 2010, at 01:49
Great stuff as always chaps. Sorry I haven't been around much lately, just had too much on my plate. :/ Had a great laugh reading these posts though hehe, grats to all the winners and thanks for the votes! :)
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# Re: TP AWARDS 2009 - RESULTS!!! - 4 January 2010, at 07:54
Thanks for the great reception again! :)

It was much harder to write than last year tho haha.

And I already wrote it in the story, but again, congrets to all the winners and thanks for all the votes! :)

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# Re: TP AWARDS 2009 - RESULTS!!! - 4 January 2010, at 14:37
I just want to say thanks to everyone who vote for me. To be not forgotten is best win i could expect, and i really apprieciate it :)
# Re: TP AWARDS 2009 - RESULTS!!! - 7 January 2010, at 18:44
Great job with the whole story guys!! Funny and entertaining!
Congratulations to everyone that won!!