2014 FIFA Ballon d'Or

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2014 FIFA Ballon d'Or -
21 January 2015, at 06:14
the results of the vote: Cristiano Ronaldo, 37.66%; Lionel messi, 15.76%; Manuel Neuer, 15.72%.

The product of playing 63 games scoring 62 goals and giving 21 assists in the calendar year 2014 record after record.

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# 21 January 2015, at 10:26
Totally deserved victory for Ronaldo. Nobody was better than him in 2014. Nobody.

Already didn't understand the nomination of Neuer. Sorry, but if he would be one of the best football players of the world, he wouldn't have been a goalie. Robben would've been a deserved 3rd or even 2nd.

The goal of James was great, but we see those every year several times. I am anti-Robin van Persie, but his goal was exceptional.

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# 27 March 2015, at 07:42
Ronaldo won the Ballon d'Or 2014 FIFA Award, which recognizes him as the MVP in football in 2014. Ronaldo Lionel Messi beat his fellow finalists and Manuel Neuer in a vote of all 209 team captains national and coaches as well as some journalists. Ronaldo Ballon d'Or-claims for the second straight year and third time in his career. :<3: