6 Nations Rugby 2013

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6 Nations Rugby 2013 -
11 February 2013, at 23:18
Any TP spammers round here been watching the 6 Nations Rugby?

Being a proud Welshman, I was taught to score tries before I could tell the time, and in Cardiff it's bigger news than anything else.

I was worried that we might go from Grand Slam champions to wooden spoon in 12 months, but pleased that we managed to scrape a win against the abysmal French. England look set to win it (unfortunately)

Are any of the rest of you rugby fans?
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# 13 February 2013, at 13:46
Not really although seen a bit of the Scotland - Italy game on Saturday
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# 13 February 2013, at 16:42
I'm a bit of a fan, watched Scotland beat Italy last weekend, great stuff :D
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# Six Nations 2013 - 13 February 2013, at 23:19
I support Wales too, even though I wish we'd all spoil our ballot papers and bring the world to a one union peace democracy.

The only reason Wales won't win the Grand Slam again this year is that the defence wasn't organised enough at home to the Irish, but we should be able to beat England if we want to badly enough.
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# 14 February 2013, at 12:46
Allez Les Bleus!

Although I noticed they've been really poor this time. Can anybody explain me how it's possible France played the final of the World Cup less than 2 years ago and now they even lose from Italy?

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# How did France go from reaching the RWC Final in 2011 to the wooden spoon? - 14 February 2013, at 20:46
Simple, Remco.

The Welsh captain Sam Warburton spear-tackled a French opponent in the 2011 RWC Semi-final, and Gatland put faith in Stephen Jones to kick the conversions. I'd prefer not to go into any more detail. :mouthshut:

It will, however, be interesting to see how Scotland perform against the French and the Welsh this year... 8-)
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# And didn't Wales give England a hiding! - 16 March 2013, at 21:40
WALES 30- 3 ENGLAND. :<3: :<3: :<3: :<3:

Yes, careful viewers will have noted that Alex Cuthbert - two-try scorer - was lucky not to be binned after a deliberate knock-on in the first ten minutes, but boy, didn't England not have a clue!

If only the Welsh had played like this vs Ireland...
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