Aggressive house-scene makes the whole dance-scene look bad

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Aggressive house-scene makes the whole dance-scene look bad -
26 May 2013, at 18:41
Over and over again...

Just a few incidents that happened in The Netherlands.

2 years ago we had a shooting incident at a free beach festival in Hoek van Holland, where feyenoord cockroaches enterred the area with weapens and which escalated so much that the police had to fire warning shots and even shot one of the hooligans.

Last year, a famous Dutch kickboxer was the maincharacter at a big fight at Sensation White, which had such a peacefull ambience when it was still mainly trance.

And this weekend at house/tech-house/deephouse/RnB party "The Waterfront" at the Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam an attending criminal has been shot to death. The event was cancelled right away. The victim wasn't dead right away be he died from his wounds at the hospital a day later.

And everytime I have to defend my beautiful trance-scene a day later at my work or wherever to people who have no clue about the difference in genres (not only musicwise, but also ambience-wise) and who think it's all the same shit. I'm sick of it! :yell:

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# 30 May 2013, at 13:49
Wow, really sad that things like this keep happening. I really hope it will end!

As for defending the scene, it kinda sounds like those people already have their minds made up, and no matter what happens, they wouldn't change their opinion, and would use anything to support their. If they think it only happens to edm, that is ridiculuous. If they can't tell the difference, that is their problem, shouldn't let it impact your enjoyement of music