Apart from Trance, what do you all like listening to?

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Apart from Trance, what do you all like listening to? -
27 December 2012, at 20:38
Although we all share one thing in common- we like trance music, what else do you guys all listen to apart from trance?

As for me a have a fetish in alternative rock, acoustic artists, classical, and last but not least cheesy pop (at times). Oh and piano music, cause I play the piano :P

What do all you like listening too? :hp:
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# 27 December 2012, at 20:50
I listen to mainstream at work and some French stuff from my wife, but myself I only play trance and nothing else ;)

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# 27 December 2012, at 22:00
I'm the oppisite lol, as I work part time in a DJ store is nothing but trance at times (unless the music channel is on)!:p
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# 27 December 2012, at 22:45
Pretty much everything. I find myself listening to a lot of jazz lately, mainly sky.fm's jazz stations.
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# What, other than trance, do we listen to? - 27 December 2012, at 23:17
Depeche Mode.
Simple Minds.
Jean Michel Jarre.

a-ha, Talk Talk, New Order...

Even Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys and a little Tears For Fears...

I will occasionally listen to Beethoven on a Saturday night, after I've listened to a classic or new CD album of my choice.
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# 28 December 2012, at 07:57
Originally posted by Empress Touch
Depeche Mode.
Simple Minds.
Jean Michel Jarre.

a-ha, Talk Talk, New Order...

Even Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys and a little Tears For Fears...

Looks like the 80s was your decade, music-wise ;)

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# 29 December 2012, at 02:09
Aside from trance, I also like house, industrial, rock, video game soundtracks, Japanese Pop/Rock, Korean pop and 80s to 90s music
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# 29 December 2012, at 13:11
Many things, mostly a track from here & there, but i like many works of progressive house, breaks, Japanese electro-pop and downtempo.
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# 29 December 2012, at 20:28
Queen, Dance music from '70s and '80s and some international pop music and k pop. I don't like Italian music at all :yell: :yell:
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# 30 December 2012, at 13:59
For me if it's not trance it will be any other EDM genre, as long as it doesn't have the word "hard-" in front. I am trying to get a "musical education" concerning genres like house and techno.
And mainstream ofcourse. I listen to it all the time because of my sister.
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# 30 December 2012, at 20:49
Trance 95% of the time, listen to a few Hardstyle artists/DJs lately and the sometimes Soundtrack albums... end up hearing mainstream music but don't listen to it

Vera you should listen to some Hardstyle...
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# 31 December 2012, at 16:00
hmmmmm i listen to house, electronica, rap, pop, r&b, soundtracks, even some country.....i have open mind and if it sounds good, i track it down on my phone and look it up on iTunes and the internet

Right now im on a chillout/ambient/downtempo/alt-rock kick

For example:

Like what Trance Nation 2 did by introducing me to trance, those compilations introduced me and got me addicted those genres of music 8-)

This track also helped too
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# 1 January 2013, at 15:52
Besides trance.. I have a very eclectic taste.

The other Electronic genres that get played are: D&B, Breakbeat, Ambient / Chillout, Hard house, Funky House, Hard Trance & Progressive styles.

In other forms, I love kicking back and filing my room with the sounds of Classical, Orchestral, Progressive Rock, Nu Metal, Alternative, Jazz, some mainstream stuff (as long as its free of Rap and Dubstep...), Piano, World, New Age and basically any type of fantastic audio I get get in 192/24 bit files and just really listen to.

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# 6 January 2013, at 00:45
Other than trance, i listen to rock, r&b, freestyle and video game soundtracks
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# 18 January 2013, at 00:21
apart of trance i like filmic music ;)
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# 18 January 2013, at 04:20
pretty much everything, except country....
i love music !!