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Hahahahaha! -
29 April 2013, at 23:27
Marjan - I laughed pretty hard when I saw an advert for will.i.am's new album as an advert on TrancePodium.com.

Thanks for making my night.

Just in case you missed the advert, you get directed to this: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/willpower-deluxe-edition/id635012217?affId=1443761

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# 30 April 2013, at 07:34
LOL. Would be funny if someone was reading the rip off topic and saw the ad up there :D
I don't control what ads are shown though. :)
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# 30 April 2013, at 14:18
Hahaha. Thats quite funny. Great place for that ad. :)
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# 30 April 2013, at 15:19
Imagine how many extra clicks of forum members this ad got, just because of anti-advertising in that thread ;)