Happy New Year

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Happy New Year -
1 January 2012, at 05:30
To my Trance Podium Family

I may not have been a member of TP for long but I want to thank one and all for making me feel so welcome, from Day 1. 2011 was a year filled with some amazing highs and some catastrophic lows but Trance and the friends I have made here have gotten me thru those dark days, even if you guys didn't know how much you helped.

So, Goodbye 2011 and Hello 2012. New year, clean slate, lots of parties to look forward to.

All the best for the year ahead
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# 1 January 2012, at 10:23
Happy new year to you as well!

And happy new year to everyone else, as without everyone here, we would not be what we are today!

Roll on good times in 2012!!
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# 1 January 2012, at 10:50
Happy New Year everybody and that 2012 will in health, happiness and trance be a (even) better year than 2011 for everybody and TrancePodium as well. 2011 already was a great year, with the new site, some great new members (incl. the one starting this topic) and a massive celebration! Hope we can at least reach the same this year and maybe even more!

Cheers everyone!

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# 1 January 2012, at 18:45
Yeah been a good year and looking forward to the next one. Seen a ridiculous amount of DJ's and also met Remco, Vera and Ben this year for the first time which was nice. Hopefully see some more of you on the dancefloors out there :)
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# 2 January 2012, at 14:42
Happy new year everyone! Hope 2011 was a good one for you, and 2012 will be even better. :<3:
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# 3 January 2012, at 16:56
Happy New Year everyone! :<3:
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# 5 January 2012, at 13:48
HAPPY NEW YEAR my favorite trance community in the world :D, hope it brings nothing but the best experiences (hopefully some of them in Ibiza or in some major trance event :D ) :<3:
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