Last time I checked, Free songs and DJ mixes made by us were ok to give away right?

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Last time I checked, Free songs and DJ mixes made by us were ok to give away right? -
12 March 2013, at 20:17
Hey guys.

A lot of DJ mixes I made as well as freebie songs I have put on the database have been flagged for copyright and as a result, restricted.

Last time I checked, sharing DJ mixes that we made was fair game.

Also, if artists gave songs away for free, we could share them.

I don't know if it's some corporate fat cat who can't seem to understand that DJ mixes don't hurt anything (Actually, if anything, they HELP the artists) or some troll just trying to anger me, but this is getting frustrating seeing restricted links. It took me about two years to put all that together.

Now known as Randy Derricott. I may sometimes use the DJ Ranz alias for certain projects though.
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# 13 March 2013, at 14:14
Basically the general law is that if you can produce a receipt showing that you purchased the music correctly, they are able to be used for non commercial use ( as long as you are not selling your mixes). This can be changed from country to country as some places do have different laws.

In regards to the free tracks, since you did not pay for it, there might be another type of law that governs the fact that it can only be used for personal use and may not be shared. Once again, this varies from place to place.

I do know that there have been cases where DJs have been asked to show receipts for the digital music they are using on the spot. This is ridiculous, however the record labels as we know are very picky and greedy.

In your case, using tracks and posting links to free music may be frowned upon by record labels as it is not coming from the artists mouth, even though they did give the song away originally.

Over the many years, I have never received a copyright notice for my mixes, however, I do keep all my receipts from Audiojelly, Beatport and the like. It could be the use of those free tracks is why you are getting the flags. Hard to say.

Have you ever checked to see if any of the free tracks are also sold at any digital stores? if so, this is going to be a problem.
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# 13 March 2013, at 14:30
All of the Freebies I used were given away by artists, or remixed by different remixers that I found on Soundcloud.

Not only that, the people I got them from said I could use and share them as I wish to.

I would never knowingly break any laws when it comes to this, and try to do everything to stay on the up and up.

As far as I know, the artists I got these tracks from were from artists that are signed to multiple labels, but the tracks they gave away were not signed to any label.

It's a complicated situation.....
Now known as Randy Derricott. I may sometimes use the DJ Ranz alias for certain projects though.
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# 13 March 2013, at 16:57
About the freebees, I think Tom is right. DJs may not make a problem of it, but sharingsites will, cz no matter if the tracks are given away for free, you don't owe the copyrights. The DJs can give away their own free tracks, because they made them themselves, but it's not up to somebody else to give them away as well. Sharing their free downloadlinks is something else.

And some tracks may also have become available at webshops too. For example Menno de Jong's Never Lose The Magic and Lightning Strike have been released on Junodownload in November 2012, 8 months after Menno gave them away for free ;)