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Malta -
8 January 2011, at 20:50

Anyone here ever been? Thinking of going around July 1st for a week with the lady, seems to be perfect and heard very good things about it, I like going around and visiting old cities etc and the water sports too. We are early 20's but I was just wondering if there would be enough for us to do or if it would start to feel like an old peoples break by the end?

I don't think it will but anyone here have any recommendations on what to do and what to avoid etc?
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# Re: Malta - 15 January 2011, at 09:21
No personal experience yet, but I'd love to go there as well.

Maybe these could help you:
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# Re: Malta - 15 January 2011, at 10:27
      :<3: One of my Favs in the entire world!  You and your lady would love it!  :<3:


                                                Hope this helps!  ;)
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# Re: Malta - 17 January 2011, at 14:01
Cheers guys x