Ripoff or coincedence?

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Ripoff or coincedence? -
4 July 2013, at 17:23
So I recently heard Jason Derulo's song "THE OTHER SIDE" and the instrumental track sounds somewhat similar to Arty's "KATE".

Do you think it's a ripoff or mere coincedence?

Jason Derulo - The Other Side

Arty - Kate

Now known as Randy Derricott. I may sometimes use the DJ Ranz alias for certain projects though.

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# 4 July 2013, at 23:43
Hmm, maybe it's just me but I don't think they sound too much alike. It's definitely not like Will.I.Am's rip off!

I am quite surprised that no one has really mentioned this yet anywhere, but I think When You Love Someone (Club Mix) by Dankann & Antillas sounds a lot like Trio by Arty. Poor Arty..getting ripped off left and right! haha
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# 5 July 2013, at 20:49
I hear what you mean Randy, never heard the similarity until you mentionned it. But it certainly is there. On the other hand tho, doesn't Kate also sound very much like an older track? Can't think of the name right now tho.

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