Some advice needed about moving away from home.

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Some advice needed about moving away from home. -
2 January 2012, at 13:27
I don't know if we have any members here who have lived in Edinburgh or indeed still do. Just wondering if any of you have experience of living there?

My friend moved up there with her now ex partner because he is was going to uni there. We were talking and I mentioned that I would like a new challange and moving to a new city would be just that.

I don't even think its a huge risk for me too move up there. I am 23, at the moment I live at home with my parents who I get on well with which makes me less motivated to move out while I am in Bristol due to the cost.

I currently work as a support worker and I also volunteer for a drugs project. I am good at both jobs and enjoy them, although I am tired of my support job and have noticed that slowly I am getting less motivated which is never a good sign for me.

I started my own charity project this winter and my first event was a free clothing give away in Bristol for homeless and vulnerable people. It was a huge sucess in just over six weeks we collected 100 bags of clothes, loads of food and organized a homeless choir to sing for us. We held it on Christmas Eve and it went better than we dreamed and the local press gave a very nice report on it. I have loads of ideas on other things I can do and I have a brand identity already in "Positivity Bristol"

So it all seems great and I guess reading that I would wonder why I would want to move away and lose all of the above? Add that I have an amazing group of friends not only in Bristol but across the UK that I have made through the music scene that I mingle in now.

I think that the answer is that if I go now I wont be running away. I am happy here, I love Bristol and it will always be my home. I think living in a new City will drive me on to do even more stuff especially in setting up a few charity events there and meeting lots of new people along the way. I am single and have pretty much nothing too lose.

I guess I also needed to just write this down and read it myself. I don't want to talk to much to my friends about it until I have made up my mind, I hate it when you share an idea or plan and people ask months later "I thought you were doing this.... "

Also, another friend has a flat up there which she is willing to rent to me for £400 pcm. I don't have any savings so I would need to get work ASAP but that should hopefully not be to much of a problem.