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Something a bit off the beaten track... -
8 November 2011, at 03:30
I wanted to test the limits of 'off-topic' so I have something everyone to check out.

Have a listen to a bloke from Manchester, UK who does Progressive Dubstep. Now this dubstep is the kind of stuff that you can completely chill to. It has garage, trance, minimal, vocal and psychedelic stuff that I thought you Trancers might like. I fully appreciate his single tracks but I thought I'd share his clean mix he did from a night.

Kotez - Live @ Bigger Than Barry


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# 8 November 2011, at 11:32
Yeah I like it, but I already like prog dubstep so :P
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# 8 November 2011, at 22:46
I appreciate the effort but this style is not for me! There's no Aneym, Justine, Melissa, Fisher, Emma, or any other of my favorite trance babes performing. ha :p
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# 9 November 2011, at 01:52
Now admittedly i know close to nothing when it comes to dub****-whatever you call it, but to me the mixing sounds kinda dodgy. Some cool tracks in it though. So yeah I enjoyed it