Andy Moor - Breaking The Silence (Volume 1)

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Andy Moor - Breaking The Silence (Volume 1) -
17 September 2009, at 01:10

Andy Moor - Breaking The Silence (Volume 1)

A deep dive into the different façades of dance music, reaching out to all those in favour of progressive, trance and anything else that's needed to naturally propel this musical journey. Andy Moor disturbs silence without letting it lose its peace, by presenting his first compilation album, 'Breaking The Silence Volume 1'.

It's been a good year for UK Producer/DJ Andy Moor. Climbing up to the 18th position in the DJ Mag Top 100, joining Armada Music with his beloved AVA Recordings label, firing the right tunes during his worldwide tours, hitting the charts with 'Daydream', 'Fake Awake', 'So Much More', 'Faces' and last but not least given the honour of a Grammy nomination for his Delerium remix. But no rest for Andy, cause he's been busy breaking silence. Andy:"I never really felt like I could do anything different or unique in the past. I didn't want to put out a compilation for PR or media reasons, but only because I felt like it would be something people would want to listen to, and something that was needed and missing in the genre. Historically I wanted to keep building my style based on my live sets, slowly but surely over the years, to allow as many people as possible hear for themselves how my style works in the surroundings of a club. Now I feel it is the right time to release a compilation series displaying the interweaving of styles that I've been pushing in sets for so long. It is the first in a series which I want to develop as a whole musical journey, and one which also goes on an extended journey through the upcoming volumes."

'Breaking The Silence Volume 1' features a special selection of tunes, hitting the profound depths of progressive to slide off to melodic trance a few ravishing beats later. Andy:"The whole compilation does build, but also weaves, ducks and dives throughout, allowing longer mixes to develop creating a journey that flows through the styles." Featuring tracks by Andy Moor himself, Ashley Wallbridge, John O'Callaghan, Andy Duguid & Marcus Schössow, Arnej, Lange and many more, 'Breaking The Silence' is there for times when you want to actually listen and get taken in.

'Breaking The Silence - Volume 1' will be available in stores September 14th. The official release-party of the album will be during Armada Night, September 12th in the Westerunie venue in Amsterdam. Tickets for the release-party are available on Alda


CD 1
1. Ashley Wallbridge - Solidaritet (Auryn Dreams Theme Tune)
2. Aleete - Trilogy
3. Dr. K & Nii vs. SHIHA feat. Sarah Blacker - Am Alive (Martin Roth Home Is Where We Belong Remix)
4. Allende - One Missed Step
5. Russell G - Solstice
6. John O’Callaghan - Take It All Away (Marcus Schössow Remix)
7. Marcus Schössow & Andy Duguid feat. Emma Hewitt - Light
8. Vadim Soloviev feat. Nadja - New Life (Soloviev Overplayed Mix)
9. Ronski Speed feat. Ana - The Deep Devine (Gareth Emery Remix)
10. Cold Blue - Mount Everest
11. Boy Hagemann - Night Vision
12. GNX - Gekko (Genix Electro Mix)
13. Lange & Andy Moor - Stadium Four (Lost Stories Remix)
14. Sami Saari - Electric Love

1. Arnej - Tomorrow Never Comes (Intro Mix)
2. Myon & Shane 54 feat. Aruna - Helpless (Ian Flux Remix & Thomas Blofeld Remix)
3. Steve May - Gofum City
4. Fred Numf - Globalisation 2009
5. Ashley Wallbridge - Shokotan
6. Andy Moor & Ashley Wallbridge feat. Meighan Nealon - Faces (Myon & Shane 54 Monster Remix)
7. Lange feat. Sarah Howells - Let It All Out
8. Kirsty Hawkshaw meets Tenishia - Outsiders (Tenishia Remix)
9. M.I.K.E. - Sunrise At Palamos 2009 (Gareth Emery Remix)
10. Lens Flare - Shutter (DNS Project Original Mix)
11. Rex Mundi feat. Susana - Nothing At All (Elevation Remix)
12. Dennis Sheperd & Cold Blue - Freefalling (Cold Blue Mix)
13. Adam White & Andy Moor pres. Whiteroom - The White Room (Myon & Shane 54 Refill)

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