Baphomet Engine 2 (Manic Dragon Recs) OUT NOW!!!

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Baphomet Engine 2 (Manic Dragon Recs) OUT NOW!!! -
8 October 2009, at 17:56
Baphomet Engine – Baphomet Engine 2 :: Manic Dragon Records


Baphomet Engine is today is the solo act of Fabio Aurelio Siqueira from Brazil. Coming from a musical background, Fabio was involved in Thrash Metal bands since 1992. In 1998 with a true musical background and a real psychedelic state of mind, Baphomet Engine started (with Luis Fernando Secchinatto) by creating an incredible experience with a powerful energy. Experimenting with a wide range of sounds and frequencies, the music developed is to reveal to you the insanity and chaos of the ‘true’ world. The first break into psy-trance came with the inclusion of their track ‘Espanta Santo’ on Alkaloid's compilation ‘True Reality’ in 2004. Tracks on compilations by Manic Dragon, Nabi, Kagdila, Yage, Illuminati, Psyber Tribe, Devil's Mind, and Kabrathor followed, including collaborations with SEQUIPA, Shenz, Dejan, and Electrypnose.
The debut album titled ‘Baphomet Engine’ was released on Manic Dragon Records in 2006 which created a huge fan following of true psychedelic music globally, which provided the opportunities to play in countries such as Brazil, India, Japan, Russia, and Europe. Baphomet Engine is recognized as one of the most innovative and creative acts from Brazil and with a real night music energy. They tell you stories with amazing feelings and take you on a deep journey to experience the final day. Earlier this year, Luis decided to depart from the project to seek his personal ventures as he was travelling a lot (our best wishes to him as always!) Watch out for ‘Baphomet Engine 2’ which keeps the psy journey well in chaos mode!
Collaborations with Neo-Vox and Rawar will add extra touches to a trippy journey which will lead you to Fabio's mind, which is purely psychedelic!


1. Meu Filho
2. Mechanism Of Infection
3. Waking Hades
4. Poisonous Fog
5. Massivevil
6. Save The Planet
7. Rebuilding the Miracles (AASS Remix)
8. The Curse Of The Black Goat
9. Baphomet Engine vs Rawar – Goas Nightmare
10.Baphomet Engine vs Neovox – Mundo Maldito


Gorump Peyya – Changes
For samples click below !

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