Merging of the Reviews & Releases forum with General discussion.

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Merging of the Reviews & Releases forum with General discussion. -
1 December 2011, at 18:21

So from time to time the General discussion forum can a look a little empty, I was wondering if you thought it was worth merging the Reviews and Releases forum together.

Reason being I very rarely look into the second forum, but if I see a track in the main forum (Tokyo being a good example) it seems to get a lot more notice.

I think it would cause more discussion and maybe just stop topics being posted with hardly any comments which is what happens in the Reviews forum.

Of course on the flip side it could also just end up spamming the hell out of the main page.

Thought I would throw it out there and see what you guys thought.


Daniel :)
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# 7 December 2011, at 13:56
Hi Daniel,

At the moment the staff is thinking about ways to improve discussions on the forum and we have taken this idea into consideration as well.

Thank you for your input :)

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# 9 December 2011, at 15:10
No worries :) Look forward to seeing what you come up with anyway.
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# 9 December 2011, at 15:13
I always felt that General Discussion is where we discuss topics, and Upcoming Releases is more of area for labels and artists to promote their releases. In my opinion, it is better if it does stay that way. As for activity, we just gotta step up and talk more :D
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# 9 December 2011, at 17:16
Yeah I know what you mean that was the flaw I see as well. I just looked at how much attention the Emery track got and wondered if that was why.
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# 15 December 2011, at 11:03
Sorry I didn't reply earlier, I just saw this topic.
The problem with merging the two forums would be that the release topics would dominate over the general discussion topics, because they get created more often, and new general discussion topics would be quickly pushed to page 2, thus making them less visible to members.

But yeah, we just need to get more chatty in here. I highly encourage you guys to speak your minds freely about any subject you like. That is the point of discussion forums after all. :)