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Ben Nicky & Thomas Mengel feat. Sue McLaren - Heart Go

Release Date
52 x50 VANDIT Records 3 November 2014
The music of Ben Nicky (of ‘Brave Heart’ fame, and two dozen or more floor-whackers besides!), you’re already most likely familiar with. Ditto for Sue McLaren, whose (per DJ Mag) “haunting” and “emotional” tones have touched a good few VANDIT releases over the last couple of years - Las Salinas’ ‘Arcadia’ and, unforgettably, PvD’s ‘The Sun After Heartbreak’ to mention but two.

The relative rookie in this audio triumvirate is Thomas Mengel, who in 2012 grabbed a headline or several when he became only the third person in the world (after Tiësto and Richard Durand) to officially mix a disc for the revered ‘In Search Of Sunrise’ series. Inside his first production year he’s impressively scored releases on Black Hole Recordings, High Contrast, In Trance We Trust and now VANDIT.

Together, on ‘Heart Go’, Ben, Sue and Thomas have cooked up a floor-flooring vocal trancer.

Full release through VANDIT on November 3rd, and also available upfront as part of the ‘Evil 13’ compilation October 29th. You can get catch an upfront listen to ‘Heart Go’ this very minute, via this Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/vanditrecords/sets/heart-go-preview/s-5oVID

‘Heart Go’ sees a ‘combined forces’ approach to its composition… Thomas Mengel is on point with the track’s production engine, playing a club-fortifying tempo off against pitch wheel machinations, whip-snap FX and stellar chord & key transitions.

Up top, the licks and twists of its steely galvanising sub-riff, wily, spirited lead-line and grandest of grand piano arrangements have Mr. Nicky’s trademark studio fingerprint all over them. Sue meanwhile brings her stunning chanteuse-like vocals and absorbing lyrical paean to link up the last side of ‘Heart Go’s production triangle.

The track itself drops hot on Beatport, bright and early Monday November 3rd, and as part of VANDIT Records’ ‘Evil 13’ compilation upfront on October 29th.