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Ben Nicky - Homesick

Release Date
52 x50 VANDIT Records 23 November 2015
1 Ben Nicky - Homesick
DJing on a near weekly basis in all four corners of the planet, Ben’s been around the way plenty in 2015. Underscoring that, his most recent VANDIT venture saw him directing the production spotlight on Club ‘680’ down under in Melbourne. Judging by the title of his latest though, we suspect that his most intense jet setting / globetrotting / party smashing year to date has left Ben pining for pastures… well, at least somewhat closer to home!

Don’t expect anything even remotely sober from new single ‘Homesick’ though. The track is another typically Nicky-esque pedal-to-the-metal floor-scorch, packed to its nines with high drama drums and elevating synths!