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Binary Finary - 1998 (Limited 20th Anniversary Edition)

Release Date
Unknown Unknown 1 April 2018
About this project

Binary Finary's track '1998' is going to be 20 years old shortly. To celebrate 2 decades of this track being played out in clubs, they decided to offer a repress of the Original Mix, Paul van Dyk Remix, Matt Darey Remix and the Gouryella Remix.

They also decided to do a special limited edition version, which will have the extended version of the original 1998 track on as well as a new extended mix of 2018, and this version will be on this piece of vinyl exclusively.

1998 was the first piece of purely instrumental electronic dance music to enter the UK charts top 40. It cemented itself into history with its unique melody and uplifting energy. 20 years later it still gets crowds jumping around, hands in the air, hairs on the back of the neck standing up.

Stuart, Matt and Sasha thought long and hard about doing this project and it has taken quite a bit of work to get it this far. Now it is all over to you to make this project become a reality.

Binary Finary have a pressing plant ready to go to be able to press high quality vinyl and to be able to ship this out to you safely and securely.

They are due to start the new remix of 1998 as soon as this project goes live and over to you, with the faith that this idea will pass its funding mark and give 1998 a true 20th birthday celebration. Binary Finary are going to start the basics at their home studio.

Once the funding goal is reached, Binary Finary employ a graphic artist to make the artwork really shine. They go into a studio to get the creatives for this new 2018 mix really going. They will employ the best mastering engineer They can find to get all the tracks mastered correctly for vinyl.

A breakdown of costs to make this happen are as follows:-

- Studio time
- Mastering engineer
- Pressing the vinyl
- Artwork
- Printing labels and sleeves
- Test Pressings sent to Australia
- Sleeves posted to Australia, signed and then sent back
- Fulfilment
- Payment of royalties to master content owners (label)

Binary Finary are so excited to bring this project to life. They need your backing, love and support to make it work. So please either support, or share the love via social media. Without you, this project is nothing.

Risks and challenges

Most of the challenges have been worked on and figured out before this kickstarter goes live. Binary Finary have found a great pressing plant and fulfilment solution that provides very good quality vinyl records, and a safe and secure way of sending these gorgeous represses out.

They do have the challenge of recreating another remix of 1998. The only risk here is it won't be done in time for the pressing to happen, however that risk can be minimised because they are starting this remix as soon as the kickstarter goes live, so they give themselves as much time as possible to do this birthday remix justice.