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Chris Bekker - Animatic

Release Date
52 x50 VANDIT Records 11 May 2015
With ‘Invader’, ‘Telling Tales’ and most recently ‘Zoundz’, both in solo and collaboration modes, Chris Bekker delivered some of last year’s most exciting (not to mention stylistically elusive) electronic music cuts.

Now, turning his fourth ace in as many releases, the young Berliner drops ‘Animatic’. Another beautifully judged, exactingly produced piece of studio work, it once again hovers engagingly within the nexus of several different musical sub-genres.

‘Animatic’ (definition: ‘successively shooting a storyboard while adding the soundtrack’, lest you didn’t know!) smartly drums up house beats, skipping percussion and ether-inducing sub-riffs. Grafting them layer-by-layer over a progressive tempo and applying analogue-ish bass, electro-lining distortion and shafts melody along the way, he delivers something as compellingly danceable, as it is inscrutably intriguing.

What type of music it is exactly… well, only you can decide that!