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Christopher Lawrence - Pharmacy: Phase 6

Release Date
410 x50 Pharmacy Music 28 November 2016
Who’s the Boss? Christopher Lawrence. And like a boss, he delivers a tough, take no prisoners mix of the most cutting edge trance today from his highly respected label Pharmacy Music. Once an underdog in a world dominated by commercial trance, Pharmacy has always stayed true to it’s underground roots and is now riding high as it’s psy-infused, tech driven sound takes over the sets of the globe's biggest DJs on main stages of festivals and clubs. With a dance music legend founder, chart topping releases, a diversely talented roster of artists, international label nights and newly launched radio show, Pharmacy is a force to be reckoned with. Pharmacy: Phase 6 showcases twenty-nine of the label’s boldest tracks - mixed by one of the greatest legends in trance. Featuring Christopher Lawrence’s massive Top 10 singles Unbroken and Banshee, plus his collaborations with Indecent Noise, Orpheus, No Comment and Fergie & Sadrian. Also featuring: Astrix, Sonic Species, Lostly, Magnus, Serjan, Changes, Seven Ways, Planet Disconnect, Black Marvin, Frost Raven, Casey Rasch, Triceradrops, Kundalini, Jens Jakob, Pablo Schugt, O-Zon3, Jonathan Allyn, HAS!, Digital Basement, Synfonic, tinY, Kessler, Mazzar, Jano & Unstable.