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DJ Ranz - Electronic Sun Music 2018

Release Date
Unknown Ranzmedia 18 April 2018
After going through a number of events in my life, I have returned and am ready to get back to what I have been all about: Bringing epic quality electronic music to you all to assist you in dancing away sadness, anger and other emotions that are weighing you down.

The weather is starting to heat up and so is the world of EDM. Obviously, I need to act accordingly. To that end, I have travelled the four corners of the digital world to craft a 2-disc, 2.5 hour soundtrack to your spring and summer. I have used the epic quality songs (both signed and otherwise) featured in this mix to construct an aural respresentation of one’s day during this hot season.

Disc 1 would play when you wake up and enjoy some breakfast. After which, you may decide to drive down and enjoy a day out on the beach to soak up some sun and water. You stay there for a bit and enjoy the scenery before you decide the make the drive back home.

But as you do, Disc 2 continues with you driving from the beach to your home when suddenly, you get a call from your friends begging you to go for on a nightclub adventure.

Definitely one for your spring and summer adventures!

Stream Disc 1: https://www.mixcloud.com/DJRANZ/electronic-sun-music-2018-disc-1/
Stream Disc 2: https://www.mixcloud.com/DJRANZ/electronic-sun-music-2018-disc-2/