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DJ Ranz - Notorious Arsenal 2014

Release Date
Unknown Notorious 1 September 2014
Unknown Ranzmedia 2 September 2014
Ever since DJ Ranz joined forces with Notorious FM back in 2011, his goal was simple: Travel the corners of the Internet and the World, collect EDM treasures overlooked by others and mix them together with his own personal favourites to share.

Three years and 150+ episodes later, he had gradually accomplished this mission time and again. This mixcompilation is no exception. In addition to songs he has heavily spun this year, DJ Ranz has also sought out music from his friends and colleagues and veterans he has respected for a long time. The result is a 2-disc mixcompilation that showcases not only the usual Trance & Progressive House that Ranz is known for, he has also briefly explored other genres as well, such as Deep House, Industrial and even some Psychedelic Trance and Big Room Dance Music.

Overall, he hopes that this newest entry in the Notorious Arsenal Mix CD series is one that ALL can enjoy, artists and listeners alike.

Stream Disc 1: http://www.mixcloud.com/DJRANZ/notorious-arsenal-2014-disc-1/

Stream Disc 2: