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Giuseppe Ottaviani & Kyler England - Firefly (Omnia Remix)

Release Date
3 x50 Black Hole Recordings 16 June 2017
Oh you lucky, lucky people! We ask you, have you ever had it so good?! First came Giuseppe’s original album-wower, then, just the other week, his altitude-grabbing OnAir elevation stole the limelight. Now, to top it all off, here’s that man Omnia to explore yet more of ‘Firefly’s manifold remix possibilities!

With the track’s deep and more energised needs handsomely serviced, Ukraine’s finest zeros in on its daytime potentials, with a mix-bullet all-but built for the airwaves.

While channelling the themes introduced by Giuseppe’s original album vision, Omnia summons all the studio nous and techniques at his disposal to send the track in a radio direction.

To that end, punchy, mid-tempo drums and emotional chord progressions preface the drifting allure of its pianoforte lines. Echoingly, he introduces Kyler’s verse, before break-side looping and coiling its chorus up to irresistible levels. At the top of the drop, he opens it up wide, feeding big, stabbed riffs, fader flips and crowd-flaming FX fills into the mix.