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Jose Amnesia - The Eternal (Paul Thomas & Scott Bond Remix)

Release Date
52 x50 VANDIT Records 30 November 2015
Lighting the path into the last month of 2015, comes the latest from VANDIT’s 15 Years Of… series. And boys & girls you’d better believe, it’s a seasonal cracker!

Since first release, Jose Amnesia’s ‘The Eternal’ has remained two things: underground… and evergreen. Reserved for the deepest level of fan reverence, it’s a classic as daisy-fresh today as it was back in the early Noughties.

Paul Thomas and Scott Bond are the men tasked with the 2015 revision and they’ve delivered unto VANDIT’s door a truly exceptional remix. The pair have managed to retain all the essence and sonic highs of the Original, but have also bound it around a brilliantly modernised production & arrangement… not to mention an extra thumping finale!