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Lee Jones - Remember Tomorrow EP

Release Date
Unknown Bar 25 Music 25 November 2016
"This EP is about remembering the past whilst embracing the future. Holding on and letting go. Moving forward but taking something with you. When I was asked to contribute an EP to the newly resurrected Bar25 Music label, I was overwhelmed by memories of a place, which once dominated my life in Berlin. Friendships, which have lasted to this day, and others which turned to dust, slipping through time's fingers. Love, which turned sour, love that is still maturing. Adventures I'll never forget, others I struggle to recall. These experiences from the past often feel so detached they could belong to someone else, a character from a book or a dream maybe, but they were ours, and they make us become absorbed into our DNA and drive our evolution. These tracks reminded me of those days and that process of understanding your place in the flow of time. Past, present and future combined into one moment; our own reality. "Rear View" was based on an old jam, I used to play at Bar25, which I never finished or released at that time. "Remember Tomorrow" was a track I made some years later with that tiny wooden dance floor and less-than-overpowering sound system in mind. "Joyful Noise" is a brand new creation, which seeks to express the complexity of emotions. "Salmon's Song" began as collaboration with a friend from Tokyo, Salmon, who sadly passed away 5 years ago, before I had a chance to play him, what I had done. The track was gathering dust, but has found a place to breathe again with this EP."