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Markus Schulz feat. Ethan Thompson - Love Me Like You Never Did (The Remixes)

Release Date
3 x50 Black Hole Recordings 24 June 2016
What does every irrepressibly infectious, summer-champing, night-defining release need? Why, an equally irrepressibly infectious, summer-champing, night-defining remix selection of course!

In the case of ‘Watch The World’s first official single, Markus has put together a criterion rebuild edition, which embraces every conceivable time of the day or night. With mixes from NERQ, Nifra, Date Night, Alex Preston, Paul Damixie, Glover & ZUREZ and Markus himself, ‘Love Me Like You Never Did’ is coming back… and coming back strong!

Kicking the package off is Markus’ own ‘Daisy Summer’ rework, with his extended take lovingly crafted for the festival season ahead. Coldharbour regular Nifra aims her ‘Love Me’ interpretation at later-hours elevation. Primed by pitch wheel machinations, rimshot percussion and moving melodies; finished with tech brimstone - she drops the hardiest, clubbiest version of the package.

NERQ remix front-and-centres the track’s key elements (strummed acoustic guitars, Ethan’s heartfelt vocals and the pair’s captivating lyrics) and works the uplift to its natural conclusion. Romania’s Paul Damixie meanwhile gives the track a poolside rub, with a palm-like waft to its swaying, breezing rhythms. Australian studio-head Alex Preston brings a 21st century house ethic to the track. Think Bondax, Bashmore - dash of Heldens maybe, and you’re locked into the right groove.

Last, but by no means least, Date Night and Glover & ZUREZ take it down warmer, more seasonal paths. By turns supplying their mixes with lilting timbale percussion, sax blasts, temperately thermal bass and trop-house tenets, all you need to add is some sand underfoot!

All bases covered, ‘Love Me Like You Never Did’ is match-fit and ready to become the soundtrack to your 2016 summer. Love ‘Love Me’ all over again from today.