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Markus Schulz pres. In Bloom 2019

Release Date
13 x50 Coldharbour Recordings 22 May 2019
1 Markus Schulz feat. Nikki Flores - We Are The Light (Intro Mix)
2 Eli & Fur - Parfume (Dosem Remix)
3 Max Graham feat. Jessica Jacobs - I Know You're Gone
4 Ferry Corsten & Nevve - Freefall (Club Mix)
5 Andrew Bayer feat. Alison May - In My Last Life (In My Next Life Mix)
6 Cosmic Gate & Foret - Need To Feel Loved
7 Gabriel & Dresden feat. Josh Gabriel - Over Oceans (Gabriel & Dresden Club Mix)
8 Haris C & Michael Angelo - Take It All Back (Michael Fearon Remix)
9 ATB & Markus Schulz - Heartbeat (Festival Mix)
10 Offer Nissim feat. Maya - For Your Love (Sied van Riel Remix)
11 Adip Kiyoi & Susie Ledge - Wild Rose
12 Nifra & Mia Koo - Forever Forever
13 Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford - Happiness Amplified (Above & Beyond Club Mix)
14 Whiteout & Kate Miles - Love Again
15 Gabriel & Dresden feat. Sub Teal - Only Road (Cosmic Gate Remix)
16 Markus Schulz & Smiley - The Dreamers (Markus Schulz In Bloom Mix)
17 Anske & Ellie White - Bring My Spirit
18 Markus Schulz & Adina Butar - Breathe Me To Life (Daxson Remix)
19 DT8 Project - The Edge
20 Lostly feat. Claire Willis - Neon Skies
21 Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt - Waiting (Markus Schulz In Bloom Remix)
22 Richard Durand & Christina Novelli - The Air I Breathe (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)
23 Markus Schulz feat. Justine Suissa - Perception (Johan Gielen Remix)
24 Triple A - Winter Stayed (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
25 Susana & Neev Kennedy - The Promise
26 Giuseppe Ottaviani & Christian Burns - Brightheart (Robert Nickson Remix)
27 Raz Nitzan & Ellie Lawson - Beyond Time (C-Systems Remix)
28 Factor B feat. Cat Martin - Crashing Over
29 Drival & Michele C - Saviour
30 Markus Schulz & HALIENE - Ave Maria
The briefest of glances outside your window will tell you all you need to know on the ‘is spring/isn’t spring here?’ question. Should you still need convincing however, here’s Markus Schulz to make it empirical. Out of the dark, into the light, through his annual Global DJ Broadcast In Bloom show, spring mainlines.

One of his GDJB quarterly specials (the Sunrise set, the Afterdark Edition and the Classic Showcase making up the others), In Bloom turns up the contrast on vocal-centric trance. Picking the freshest, choicest cuts from the current, recent and close horizon crop, Markus - in typically masterful form - has weaved them into two hours of dazzlingly fine music.

Maximum access assured for 2019, for the first time this year ‘In Bloom’s also been given the full official Spotify treatment. Following its recent premiere on GDJB, you can access the entire two-hour run of the mix through the platform here (https://spoti.fi/2YKitnd) from today.

Befitting the mix’s profile, you’ll find the tones of many of trance’s most lyrically adept and emotionally charged summoning that In Bloom esprit. Emma Hewitt, Christina Novelli, Adina Butar, HALIENE, Justine Suissa, Nikki Flores and Mia Koo are just some of those behind the mic, whilst male voices like Richard Bedford, Josh Gabriel and Christian Burns are well represented too.

Backing them in the studio, well it might be quicker to tell you who’s not on the list! To give you some idea though Armin, Above & Beyond, Ferry Corsten, Cosmic Gate, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Gabriel & Dresden and ATB are just some of those adding their production punch to the mix.

Sure enough Markus has applied much of his own latest and forthcomings too. ‘We Are the Light’ - the Nikki Flores-sung title track from his latest album makes an early appearance, as does recent ATB-collab, ‘Heartbeat’. Rounding out the first hour is current single ‘The Dreamers’ (naturally in its In Bloom mix form!), with Daxson’s new treatment of Markus & Adina Butar’s ‘Breathe Me To Life’ a vanguard to the second. Markus’s daisy-fresh spin on Dash Berlin/Emma Hewitt anthem ‘Waiting’ also get an airing, as does Johan Gielen’s rebuild of Schulz’s own ‘Perception’ classic. Reserving In Bloom’s most emotionally carrying moments to its last, Markus fittingly bestows final track honours to his and HALIENE’s forthcoming interpretation of ‘Ave Maria’.

A mix that masterfully lifts every voice to divine the essence of the season into two breathtaking hours - In Bloom’s all-vocal, all trance, all spring and all here!