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Oliver Englafjord - Molntus

Release Date
3 x50 Black Hole Recordings 4 May 2015
There’s a top-flight producer behind the alias (or some might say behind the living, breathing, about-to-start-touring alter-ego) of Oliver Englafjord.

The project’s been in process for half a decade, making his identity one of the worst kept secrets in electronic music. So, save you breaking off on a web hunt, we’ll clue you in now that ‘Oliver Englafjord’ comes from the deeper recesses of Swede-star Marcus Schössow’s production mind.

Telling you what type of sonics are on offer on ‘Molntus’ – or indeed any of Oliver Englafjord upcoming singles is a less straightforward affair. No ‘genrelizations’ here, all made nice & easy too, because – as you’ll soon find – no established category exists. It’s unlike anything Schössow’s done before.

So take a sizeable leap outside the box, bid ‘adieu’ to your electronic music contentment zone and enjoy the first galactic single from Englafjord’s upcoming album. This is ‘Molntus’ (and no, we’ve no idea what that means either).

So what should you expect? Well for starters, absolute theatre, with end-to-end cinematics and quantum audio drama (of the mellow & melo & varieties). Somewhere between high concept and avant-garde / art-house, ‘Molntus’ sits. Unless you’re Icelandic, the meanings of Oliver’s dreamlike vocal reflexions (that accompany its music) are only revealed when viewing its extraordinary time-lapse accompanying its video (here).

If Oliver’s music has its year-zero anywhere, it may be in the multifarious drip-fed upper atmosphere of Sasha & Digweed’s ‘Northern Exposure’ albums. Channelling to a natural conclusion, Oliver had chased down a now rarer-than-rare remix from progressive house luminary Luke Chable. The Australian has re-envisioned ‘Molntus’ as a heads-down, smoke ‘n’ strobes-on, bass-loaded flo0r-duster – once heard, categorically not forgotten.

Be in no doubt, after 5 years, Oliver Englafjord is here. Question is, what are you going to do about it?