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Orjan Nilsen - The Devil Is In The Detail

Release Date
8268 x50 In My Opinion 18 October 2019
In the past year, fans were able to observe the slight change in direction Orjan Nilsen indulged in on occasion. Though still evidently of his making, those tracks took his signature style out on a stroll through the unconventional and uncharted, shining a new light that's less Trance-tinged and more prismatic. Orjan Nilsen simply unleashed the artist within. And because of that, we've got a brilliant new artist album to enjoy: 'The Devil Is In The Detail'.

Combining slow tracks and faster ones with harder productions and mellow songs, 'The Devil Is In The Detail' proves a body of work as kaleidoscopic as Orjan Nilsen's production skills today. Yet no matter how much the individual tunes differ from one another, it's still easy to hear the sound of Orjan Nilsen in every track, to hear the details that define him as an artist.

'The Devil In The Detail' is not just an album that strides further down the road. It takes a twist or turn here or there, ventures into a whole other direction once in a while or slows down suddenly before picking up pace. The goal, however, remains the same: to provide the music that strikes a chord in listeners worldwide.