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Type 41 - Ascension

Release Date
8169 x50 Rielism 18 September 2017
We welcome Type 41 to Rielism with the aptly titled Ascension, as featured on the Rielism Four album and in Sied van Riel's Luminosity Beach Festival main stage set. "This, to me, is trance at its best. Everything about this track is perfection and shows why this guy is a genius at creating music. Storytelling like only few can." - Sied van Riel. Alongside the Extended Mix, Belgian/Dutch duo XiJaro & Pitch have provided us with an excellent remix. Keeping the themes and essence of the original mix intact, their remix of Ascension adds their magic touch to the track, complimenting the package perfectly. Expect to see a lot more from both Type 41 and XiJaro & Pitch on Rielism in the future!