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The story behind 'Fisherman & Hawkins - Apache' with Fisherman

Fisherman is an alias of Dutch DJ and producer Isaac Vissers. Together with Rob Koopmans a.k.a. Hawkins, he was responsible for the duo Fisherman & Hawkins. They were mostly known for their classic 'Apache', which came out in January 2013 via Coldharbour Recordings.
Calendar 7 May 2021
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Activa & Shannon Hurley - Return To Life

‘Return To Life’ is the first track to be taken from the third artist album from DJ, producer and revered underground operator Rob ‘Activa’ Stevenson. Set for release later in 2021, it’ll open a now highly anticipated new chapter in a book once thought complete.
Calendar 5 May 2021
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Pavel Khvaleev presents PARAFRAME - Have Mercy

Less alias, and evermore full-blown alter ego, Pavel Khvaleev is back in a PARAFRAME state of mind this week, ready to deliver more imaginative electronic music eclectics.
Calendar 3 May 2021
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Sometimes they come back... Solarstone releases ‘Electronic Architecture 4’

It’s been seven years - and some long ones at that - since Solarstone last designed and constructed an ‘Electronic Architecture’. While ‘EAs’ 1 thru ‘3' maintained a regular release pulse, with each year that followed 2014, the series’ absence has been felt evermore acutely.
Calendar 1 May 2021