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Danny Eaton

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23 June 2022 Luminosity Beach Festival 2022 Bernie's Beachclub Zandvoort
Danny Eaton is a young talent from New Brighton, who knows how to speak to our heart and mind.

From being diagnosed with autism at the age of 11 and struggling with a non-existing social life, feeling alone and isolated, to being mesmerized by music in all its different shapes and forms, the British talent is not only one of the most exciting new acts to watch, but first and foremost an inspiration to never give up; he is the guy that teaches us to dream big and to always fight for our dreams!

It surely took a leap of faith, a crazy amount of dedication and a fair bit of luck to achieve his dreams but Danny’s strength and passion, (together with a dogged mind and relentless energy that pushes him to always perfect his tunes), is pounding his way to the top with his signature sound.

Moving the first steps into the scene thanks to the full support of West Kirby’s school which is specialized in young people with autism and similar needs, Danny had his fair share of ups and downs, and throughout the hardest time of his life, he came at a breaking point, seriously thinking to give up for good, but…That’s also where the magic started to flare up:

The binding force of music, together with his strong desire to succeed, led him to experiment in his studio, massively improving his productivity, cementing his position as one of the most innovative talent’s in today’s music scene.

In the past 10 years, he’s worked himself up from a committed music fan to a talented studio wizard, who doesn’t let a day go by without trying to learn something new.

Following his 2018 debut release ‘Concentration’ on Pure Trance, the young producer is quickly creating a sense of ubiquity within his corner of the music industry. His collaboration with Paul van Dyk for his ‘Guiding Light’ album is a clear pillar in his life which marked the beginning of big things to come.

In 2018 alone, his originals are rapidly clocking up plays worldwide. He got solid big name Radio Shows & DJs’ support throughout the past 2 years by the likes of Paul van Dyk (Vonyc Session), Solarstone (Pure Trance Radio), Aly & Fila (Future Sound of Egypt), Bryan Kearney, Photographer and many many more.

With several international top-charting hits under his belts bursting on heavyweight labels like Subculture, FSOE, Kearnage Recordings, Pure Trance, ITWT, Grotesque (now Nocturnal Knights), WAO138?!, Tech Burst and Pure Progressive (both under Danny Eaton’s alias ‘Notea’), a slew of bookings followed, seeing Danny travel among the biggest gigs, some highlights are Fabric London with Trance Sanctuary Presents “Kearnage” (UK), Rebirth Events (UK) and up-coming events, Anomaly presents. Factor B Theatre of the Mind (UK), Luminosity Beach Festival (NL), SHINE Ibiza with Paul van Dyk, Aly & Fila and Menno de Jong (ES).

Make sure to keep Danny Eaton in your radar because he’s born to set the dance floor ablaze!!
Track Credits
Danny Eaton - Over The Horizon
Producer and writer
Danny Eaton - Euphoria
Producer and writer
Danny Eaton - Euphoria (Extended Mix)
Producer and writer
Danny Eaton - Concentration