Svenson & Gielen

Svenson & Gielen are the Belgian duo of Sven Maes and Johan Gielen. These two producers have produced under several aliases including their most famous, Airscape.

They are known for the song “L’Esperanza”, but are perhaps better known for their remixes, such as Sylver’s “Turn the Tide”, Vengaboys’ “Kiss (When the Sun Don’t Shine)”, Chicane’s “Halcyon”, and Mythos N’ DJ Cosmo’s “Hymn”. Their remixes have a distinctive and easily recognized style; they fade in and out looped vocals, overlay simple chord patterns on a fuzzy-sounding synthesizer, and almost always cut the bass and drums about halfway through the song to bring an ostinato to the foreground before returning to the main theme. Similar elements can be found to a lesser degree in their original music as well. They are also known for mixing Wendy Phillips dance hit “Stay”. Probably the best track they ever mixed

From 1999-2002, Svenson & Gielen also formed part of the Alice Deejay project, for which they produced the tracks “The Lonely One” and “No More Lies”.

In 2003, Svenson and Gielen announced they were dissolving Airscape, each going solo.