Alessandra Roncone's 'Brainfreeze' out now through Rielism

Written by Remco on 1 April 2018 in Releases
Alessandra Roncone's 'Brainfreeze' out now through Rielism
As its title suggests, Alessandra Roncone's debut on Rielism certainly packs a punch. Having made a name for herself in the uplifting scene with a string of hits on FSOE and WAO138?!, the Italian Trance Queen tries her hand at something very different to what we've come to expect from her, and it sure does not disappoint!

Harboring insane destructive power, 'Brainfreeze' is a thunderous techy monster ready to burn clubs to the ground. From the fiery bassline to the blazing synths, this sonic inferno turns any dancefloor into a raging firestorm. Gelato for everyone!

'Brainfreeze' is out now and available here.
Listen to 'Brainfreeze' on Soundcloud here.

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