Ben Gold & Allen Watts - Strike As One

Written by Remco on 21 August 2018 in Releases
Ben Gold & Allen Watts - Strike As One
Ben Gold is back with another collaboration following on from release with Omnia ‘The Conquest’, this time pairing up with highly talented Allen Watts on his latest single ‘Strike As One’.

This is officially the last single from Ben’s new album ‘Sound Advice - Chapter 1’ – this track is one you have to hear!

Easily one of the most energetic cuts taken from Chapter One of Ben Gold's new album 'Sound Advice', 'Strikes As One' sees the U.K. Trance hero team up with Allen Watts to do what the title implies. By blending their respective signature sounds into an astonishing, all-powerful sound mash, they get the global crowd acquainted with the truest form of sonic power: this new melodic masterpiece.

'Strike As One' is out now. You can grab it here.

1 Ben Gold & Allen Watts - Strike As One


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