Christopher Lawrence & No Comment - Horizon out now!

Written by Remco on 6 November 2016 in Releases
Christopher Lawrence & No Comment - Horizon out now!
Christopher Lawrence is at it again, this time teaming up with No Comment for a superb new track titled Horizon.

No Comment is the new project by Orpheus and Omer 'Rizo' Kadosh (aka Krunch & Dark Soho). The two are known for their distinctive and groundbreaking psy trance sound which has catapulted them into the charts and sets of all the top DJs including Infected Mushroom, Azax Syndrom, Cosmonet, Jano, and of course Christopher Lawrence. The guys are definitely in the fast lane for success.

It’s no wonder that when these three talented producers stepped into the studio they would create something special. Horizon begins as a pumping track with a solid rolling bassline that builds in intensity to the break down with the help of plenty of effects and an ethereal vocal. In the breakdown the true power of the track emerges in an epic melody that swells in a massive crescendo. The drop strips the melody away leaving the purity of the kick and bass to pulse through the dance floor. The melody returns one more time, only this time with more energy and more emotion.

Road tested by Christopher Lawrence in club and festival sets everywhere from New York to Australia, Horizon is a stand out track in every set.


1 Christopher Lawrence & No Comment - Horizon


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