CliniClowns & ‘The Forgotten Child’ share in success of GIF 250

Written by Remco on 8 December 2016 in Events
CliniClowns & ‘The Forgotten Child’ share in success of GIF 250
On December 10th, at the Maassilo venue in Rotterdam, the Grotesque Indoor Festival takes place; a party that invites music lovers to enjoy the performances of artists like RAM, Lucien Foort, John O’Callaghan, Sean Tyas, Mark Sixma and many others. However, the organization feels that even during a party, the Christmas spirit should be present.

And so Grotesque announces a thoughtful extra. Collaborating with Dutch Foundation ‘Het Vergeten Kind’, it’s collecting new or usable toys to donate to children in need, in the Rotterdam area. On top of that, Grotesque offers its visitors the chance to donate to CliniClowns. With a crowd that, for the most part, is made of parents, Grotesque is calling upon their generosity.

Collect gifts for ‘forgotten children’

If Grotesque visitors want to donate to foundation ‘Stichting Het Vergeten Kind’, they’re asked to bring wrapped new or good-as-new toys and hand them in at the Grotesque Indoor Festival. Together with the foundation, these gifts will be donated and given to children who are forced to grow up outside their own homes. These children don’t live at home due to an unstable or unsafe situation at home, and grow up in sober shelters with a minimum of play areas and trauma guidance. Because these kids aren’t visible in The Netherlands, the foundation calls them the ‘forgotten children’. The foundation helps to give them a child friendly environment, offering the possibility to play and develop themselves. Toys, suitable for different ages, are an important part of that process.

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A gift & donation to CliniClowns

Next to collecting toys, Grotesque will also collect money & donate a gift to the CliniClowns charity. CliniClows yearly entertains more than 90.000 sick and disabled children, to help improve their quality of life. With her volunteers, they’re helping children in difficult situations and during intense happenings, by giving them more self-confidence and try to process negative emotions. At all times, children should be able to play, even if they’re sick or disabled. A CliniClown is able to help with that, so that these sick kids can feel like a normal child again – even if only for a while. Thanks to gifts, they’re able to help out – and that’s why Grotesque thinks it’s important to support their cause.

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How can Grotesque Indoor Festival visitors help?

Grotesque asks all of her visitors that can and want to help out, to leave a donation at the CliniClowns stand. Next to that, the organization invites everyone to check their attic and see if there’s any proper toys that aren’t being used anymore – but are still tidy and useful, or to buy new toys, wrap them up as a gift and bring it along to Grotesque Indoor Festival 250. The toys can be handed in at the entrance and donated to Foundation ‘Het Vergeten Kind’. Together with the foundation, Grotesque will hand out these gifts during Christmas, to children in need in the Rotterdam area.

On behalf of CliniClowns, Foundation ‘Het Vergeten Kind’ and of course Grotesque, we’d like to thank everyone for their generous donation!

Grotesque Indoor Festival 2016

Date: Saturday 10 December 2016
Time: 21:00 - 07:00
Age: 18+
Location: Maassilo Rotterdam, Maashaven ZZ 1-2, 3081 AE  Rotterdam
Dresscode: WHITE – FLUOR - DISCO


John O’Callaghan
Sean Tyas
Vini Vici
Mark Sixma
Alex M.O.R.P.H.
Richard Durand
Mark Sherry b2b Alex Di Stefano
Ruben de Ronde
James Dymond
Stephen Kirkwood
Allen Watts
Amir Hussain
MC da Silva

Lucien Foort
Erick E
TFX Live
Jasper Clash
Illfort Grantz
Apotheque b2b Bold Moves
Lorenzo Foort

Tickets & parking:

Regular: € 45,-
Late Premium: € 62,50
Parking Ticket: €10,-

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