Craig Connelly featuring Tara Louise - Time Machine

Written by Remco on 27 April 2020 in Releases
Craig Connelly featuring Tara Louise - Time Machine
Backwards! Forwards!! Hell, who couldn’t use a ‘Time Machine’ right now?!

In the form of his new single, that’s exactly what arch trancemaster Craig Connelly’s primed to deliver! Racing up hard on the heels of ‘Tranceatlantic’ - his and Factor B’s first in-studio meet-up, Craig’s tapped the talents of LA-based singer/songwriter Tara Louise for a timely dose of musical wish fulfillment.

For ‘Time Machine’, Craig’s synth-fused production supplies all the zooming uplift, whilst through her song, Tara brings the airwaves some high-order lyrical escapism.

With a nodding homage to Memento and its cinematic kin, ‘Time Machine’s official video also hits YouTube today. In non-linear fashion, it back-skips through the highs and lows of a relationship, arriving (or departing!) from one very special Connelly-sparked moment in time.

Nothing less than prescient in our present times, wherever you want go right now, this particular ‘Time Machine’s set to take you. It’s available to stream or download though all good platforms here now and you can lock eyes with ‘Time Machine’ time-warping back-to-the-front official vid here.

More major Craig Connelly news to follow in the none too distant future.

1 Craig Connelly feat. Tara Louise - Time Machine (Extended Mix)


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