Forthcoming from VANDIT this October!

Written by Remco on 13 October 2015 in Releases
Forthcoming from VANDIT this October!
New Tracks From David Forbes, Ali Wilson & Chris North And Amir Hussain & Paul Trainer!

Amir Hussain & Paul Trainer - Synergy

First out of the VANDIT box for the autumn 2015 season comes from the debut studio partnering of Amir Hussain & Paul Trainer.

Paul, of course, is no stranger to the label’s doors. Following last year’s ‘Receptor’, this release marks his fifth notch on the VANDIT score-sheet. He’s brought Amir Hussain (whose previously seen outings on WAO138?! Black Hole Recordings, Monster Tunes, Amsterdam Trance and others) into the studio/label equation.

‘Synergy’ in name, and very clearly in nature too, between them the pair have cooked up a thrilling, fist pumping ‘white knuckle special’; one best enjoyed in the company of friends, on the floor, bang on the stroke of 4AM!

Listen to Amir Hussain & Paul Trainer ‘Synergy’

David Forbes - Riptide

A man never short of a dramatic title or two, after last month’s ‘Collider’, here’s David Forbes with another zero-nonsense floor-connector in the form of ‘Riptide!

With it’s tornado-class tempo, rivet-tough drums & percussion lines, and bleepily engaging sub-riff, ‘Riptide’ touches down on the floor with intent!

At its midpoint David opens the track up Grand Canyon wide, serving it with a harmonically pad & chord soaked drop, which break-side feeds off into radiant synth shafts and crowd inflaming shouts.

Cocked, locked and more than ready to rock, he re-engages the drums, lowers the LFO and pushes it on to critical mass! A sure-fire post-summer blues-beater, ‘Riptide’ drops large on Oct 19th

Get a listen to David Forbes ’Riptide’ here

Ali Wilson & Chris North - Unification

With the somewhat cheekily titled ‘Pluck You’ delighting clubfloors all over back in August, it’s creators Ali Wilson & Chris North have been hustling hard on a follow up.

With ‘Unification’ they’ve certainly achieved that, but moreover may have flat-out topped ‘Pluck’! The track’s built around a nucleus of marching, orchestral-ly large, drums, high-octane bass and higher tension sub-riffs.

Packing in some evocative melodies around its midsection, Ali & Chris simmer things some before snaring the drums, amping up the phasers & filters and tripping the floor’s collective endorphin switch with it’s whopper of a kick-back!

Seek Ali & Chris’ ‘Unification’ here



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