Interview: Paul Thomas talks 150 releases UV

Written by Remco on 19 March 2021 in Interviews
Interview: Paul Thomas talks 150 releases UV
Early March saw Melodic Techno/Progressive House record label ‘UV’ reach 150 releases. TrancePodium's Michelle Christiansen sat down with label boss Paul Thomas to have a chat with him about this milestone.
Congratulations on ‘UV’ reaching 150 releases! I understand you're celebrating by having a series of special releases. Can you tell us about those?
We’ve had 2 of our releases remixed. The first one, Sean & Dee vs Melody Stranger ‘Apollo’ has been remixed by Fuenka, while Stereo Express has remixed Stan Kolev’s ‘Ahimsa’. We wanted the remixes to reflect both some of the newer artists we have been really pushing on the label and also the more established names we are working with. 
Alongside these new special releases, are there any particular releases that have had a significant impact on you?
I think my remix of Aly & Fila’s ’Shadow’ was a big impact personally. It helped cement the label as one of the main players in the progressive world. Grum’s remix of Vyote also did the same. 
What is the UV sound and what do you look for in your selection process?
We are quite broad when it comes to our sound, and I think that just reflects me as an artist. One week it could be a peak time prog house track, the next it could be a deeper melodic techno track. My only stipulation is that I need to be able to play it in my sets. That’s the marker as if I can’t play it, then I don’t feel like I could give the release my all. 
How would you say UV has evolved since it first launched?
I think it’s grown to become one of the go-to progressive / underground melodic labels, which is what I hoped it would be when we launched the label. Straight from the first release I have had the amazing backing of FSOE which is so important for the growth of the label. It instantly helps open doors that would be difficult to open without them. But since then it’s grown to a point where it stands on its own now, and the growth is continuing as we plan more and more UV shows around the world. 
UV has had huge support from legendary artists, like Sasha, Camelphat, Joris Voorn, Carl Cox, Above & Beyond, Hernan Cattaneo, and more! What has this outpouring of support meant to you?
It’s been immense. As a new label it can be difficult trying to get support from major artists because they get so many promos sent to them, and I know it’s hard to listen to literally everything! But again, FSOE helps open some of those doors which was great for the growth. The best one for me so far was the support from Camelphat. I had just left their arena so I could go and find a friend at Creamfields in the summer of 2019, when my friend chased after me and called me back as they just dropped my ‘Vyote’ single literally as I stepped foot out of the arena. That was an amazing feeling to see the crowd go wild while I was on the dance floor in the middle of it all!
What effect has the pandemic had on the label and what changes have you seen since this all started?
To be honest, from a record label perspective, the pandemic has been generally positive for all our FSOE labels. More and more people are at home listening to music, which means they are streaming more and finding new artists, which has reflected in our growth across the board when it comes to streaming. We’ve also made some adjustments behind the scenes to make sure the labels can continue this growth in a more efficient way. The biggest difficulty for me is not being able to play the releases in clubs. It’s often how I test a track, especially my own music, to make sure it’s hitting the right spot with the crowd. 
Where do you see UV going from here?
The most obvious thing is bringing the UV shows back once the pandemic has finally died down. We are talking to lots of different promoters around the world again so we are hoping to bring the shows back soon. Aside from that, it’s about growth and aiming high. There’s lots of different ideas in the works but if there’s one thing I have learned in the past 12 months, it’s to make sure we are aiming for the biggest and best in everything single thing we do. 
Thanks so much for taking the time to meet with us, and congratulations again on 150 releases!
Thanks for the support guys!

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