Interview with: Misja Helsloot

Written by Remco on 21 May 2018 in Interviews
Interview with: Misja Helsloot
With new releases and a busy agenda 2018 is treating Misja Helsloot very well. All seems to come together in his solo show 'All Exclusive' in November in The Hague later this year, but first thing to do is his gig at Trance Academy!

For this occasion Matthijs from Trance Academy sat down with Misja to hopefully receive a sneak preview of some things we may expect soon.

Misja, you’re in the scene for a while now. How do you feel about the current Trance scene and has much changed? (Besides the change from vinyl to cd to usb)

I’m DJ’ing for over 20 years already and a lot has changed. Where it wasn’t necessary to produce tracks to get some bookings it is a must nowadays. That doesn’t count for the Trance scene in particular but is something you see in the whole EDM scene. It doesn’t matter how good you are, if you don’t have the right people around you who can help you with your marketing and social media for example it is a tough call.. For new talents it is therefore very hard to stand out in the scene and that’s really a shame..

I can imagine your All Exclusive night will be a personal highlight for you. Do you have other things on your bucket list if it comes to your DJ career?

Dreamstate in the USA and Tomorrowland would be some bucket list items. They learned me to aim high.

Which one of your tracks would you like to see remixed and by who?

I’m not the biggest fan of remixing older tunes to be honest. Most of the times a track is made in a certain time and represents that period. Remixing it pulls the track out of that reference. Sometimes artists ask me if they may remix a tune and sometimes I’m in for it. It happens that at this moment “Inspire” is being remixed, a track with vocals by Fisher. I think that track could work well in a nowadays sound.

Which track would you like to remix?

I don’t have a wish of remixing a particular track but I do have the wish to work with the vocals of Sarah McLachlan someday. Like I said, aim high...

You where also active as labelmanager with First Second and later Create. Why did those labels stopped?

With First Second we stopped because we purely where a vinyl label. We didn’t want to change to MP3 and to be honest, we thought the mp3 hype wasn’t really going to happen. We all make mistakes, don’t we hahaha. Create was actually also connected to the parties we did in Delft. At one moment we had so many parties that it was very hard to stand out and it costed so much time and money we decided it was time to stop.

Who do you see as the new talents in the Trance scene and who should we watch?

XiJaro & Pitch! Those two guys are incredibly good. I don’t know if they also have the ambition to DJ, but their tracks are just stunning. That’s also the reason I asked them to remix my new upcoming single.

Any tips for the upcoming talents?

Follow your heart!

Which track is the first to put in your recordbag at the moment?

Misja Helsloot & Cari – See The Sun Again
(The original as well as the XiJaro & Pitch Remix)


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