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Written by Marjan on 26 July 2009 in Interviews
Jose AmnesiaIn 1996 Jose Amnesia bought his first synthesizer, a cheap Atari, to begin composing electronic tracks. A couple years later, Age One records (UK) were interested in his work, and in 1998 the project Jose Amnesia was born. "Last Sunset in Ibiza" was an Essential new tune on Judge Jules BBC Radio Show, followed by epic masterpiece "The Eternal which soon became a classic trance track gaining support from all the top DJs such as Paul van Dyk, Tiesto, Ferry Corsten and Armin van Buuren. Jose also produces under the guise of Jamnesia together with Dino Lenny.

Sameer and Jacquelina interviewed him for TrancePodium.

You and Jennifer Rene have been such a fabulous duo to listen to with your productions. How did you take notice of this starlet?

A common friend sent to me some Jennifer vocal demos, one of those was the Louder chorus. Immediately in love with it I've got in contact with Jennifer and she wrote the rest of the lyrics. In a few days Louder was ready to rock.

Where did "Jose Amnesia" come from?

Actually Rob Aker is another alias of mine, the electronic oriented one.
My real name is Roberto Longiaru', quite hard to speech it not in Italian so, Jose Amnesia came out when it was time to release Last Sunset in Ibiza. My mate, and at that time my producer as well Dino Lenny invented it in 98. My early chill out sound reminded him the Jose Padilla's atmospheres and Amnesia club Ibiza was our nest being we based in Ibiza with our studio. That melting sounded fun to me as I heard of it first time
but when I saw it on my first important vinyl I really felt with it and decided to stick myself to that name that really is my second name since then, I really don't use to correct people calling me Jose.

Where can your fans to expect to see you play throughout the rest of the year?

I'm going start my gigs very probably with an Australian Tour.

What are your thoughts on the whole digital label boom, with places like Beatport and iTunes adding thousands of new labels a month to the site. Is it watering down the pool of music?

Well I think that there's bad and good in every epochal change. The old system where the producer had to be quite of a rich man to buy a studio and then propose his tracks to labels that had to invest money for vynils print and promotion, was in a certain way a quality warranty. Now everyone can wake up in the morning, buy a laptop, download some software and start producing. Of course that's bad in therms of quality sometimes but otherwise very good, giving chance to young talents to let us enjoy beautiful music. We're leaving an era where music is reachable all the time, everywhere and at cheap price, that's the most important thing.

A question brought to us by many a fan, what are the production tools of Mr. Amnesia, what does he use to create his melodic brilliance?

My setup is quite simple. Logic, Nuendo, Ableton sometimes, couple of Virus synthesizers, and some old analog synth when I need it.

On the note from the above, any advice for any for the up & coming producers reading this?

Always to follow your heart when producing, not to be obsessed by the "sound of the moment" and buy at least one hardware synthesizer, they still make the difference.

 Which other producers do you personally admire & who do think will be impressing us this year?

Mat Zo and Dankann are doing very good music lately, I'd keep an eye on them for the next future.

Jose`s all time favourite Trance tunes?

1) Chicane ft Maire Brennan - Saltwater
2) Energy 52 Cafe del Mar
3) Humate - Love Simulation (Paul van Dyk's Love mix)
4) Sasha - Xpander
5) James Holden - Nothing (93 Returning mix)
6) Rank 1 - Airwave
7) Rui Da Silva - Touch Me
8) Gouryella - Ligaya
9) Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea
10) Paul van Dyk - For an angel

2009 - what could we expect from you this year?

Finally an album. It's a collection of my bests added with some unreleased and it will be released very soon.

Mix Tracklist

1) Jose Amnesia vs Mr.Gain - Glorious - CDR
2) Mango & Aqua Diva - At the edge of this mountain - Dankann Klub Mix - Starlight
3) Gai Barone - Organum - (Dino Lenny Rmx ) - Afterglow
4) Sebastian Ingrosso - Laktos - We Play
5) Mat Zo - The Fractal Universe - Soundpiercing ( Armada )

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