Lange presents Intercity goes weekly

Written by Remco on 9 January 2013 in News
Lange presents Intercity goes weekly

After 4 years and over 100 episodes, there has been increasing demand for a weekly show as Lange presents Intercity has become one of the staple shows for trance fans.

In 2013, Lange has therefore decided to move Intercity in to a new format, involving some of the leading artists on his label, Lange Recordings. As ever, Lange will host the show, online exclusively at AH.FM, where during weeks 2 and 4 of every month he will bring an hour of his favourite tracks from trance and related genres.

But now, during weeks 1 and 3 he will be joined by label artists showcasing their own brand of trance with a 45 minutes mix every other week in Intercity: Lange Recordings Sessions; each artist with their unique sound, adding extra variety to the format as they join Lange to explore the top tracks of the moment in the scene.

The initial lineup consists of Alex Larichev (Russia), Deep Voices (USA), Lee Osborne (UK), Noah Neiman (USA), Steve Brian (Germany), and Tangle & Mateusz (USA)

The first show of the year lands Wednesday 9th January so make sure you tune in on AH.FM 21-22CET or download the podcast every week from!


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