Major Las Vegas EDM festival still scheduled for May

Written by Remco on 28 March 2021 in News
Major Las Vegas EDM festival still scheduled for May
After spending much of the last 12 months in a hibernation of sorts, the world is set to wake up this year, and what better to wake up to than the pounding sound of Trance and EDM?

That seems to be the plan down in Las Vegas, where plans are afoot for a full capacity Electric Daisy Carnival in late May. Despite the restrictions placed upon large events in the past, Pasquale Rotella, CEO for Insomniac, the company that produces EDC, claims the event is still on with backup dates also planned.

"Full EDC LV update coming soon,” he claimed on Instagram. “But as of now, nothing has changed. If we can have a safe show in May, then we’re going to make it happen. If you don’t want to attend or aren’t able to, no problem.”

There is still a fear the event will not go ahead, given the evolving and uncertain situation around the pandemic. Fans should not be too concerned though as it is something Rotella also provided a little more information on.

"If we’re not able to do the show in May, then we have backup dates ready and refunds if you can’t make our new dates. I appreciate everyone’s patience while we work through everything!”

The event, known colloquially as EDC, has been running since 1999 and is an appreciated staple of the Vegas calendar, and the EDM scene within the United States. If, as Rotella suggests, it does go ahead in May, it will be the first music festival to take place in Nevada since 2019.

Since its inception, EDC has spread around the world, with sister events taking place in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Japan and India. However, it is best known for its Las Vegas event, something which has become a key part of the City of Lights culture. In a city known for its gaming and casinos, EDC has managed to carve a niche for itself, appreciated by some of the biggest gamers in the world.

"I love so much about it,” said Justin Bonomo in 2017. He is one of the most respected names in the world of poker, but he is also a huge EDM fan. “I guess the music is my favorite part, it has by far the best production value of any music event I've ever been to.”

Bonomo is a huge name in the world of poker, ranked as the fifth wealthiest in the world. suggest he may even be the richest if ATM, online and cash game winnings are combined, with his prize money exceeding $55m. He holds three World Series of Poker bracelets, the same number as another big name on the scene, Ben Yu. Yu also managed a second-place finish at the $10,000 Heads-up No-limit Hold'em in 2019 according to, and he is a huge fan of EDC.

"I love the music, dancing, partying with my friends and hot women,” Yu explained. “But the most important aspect of EDC and other festivals is the atmosphere they cultivate. Everyone takes care of each other - complete strangers exchange gifts and provide each other water, food, gum, or anything else they may need.”

Poker players and EDM fans alike will be hoping that Rotella is accurate with his assumption the event will go ahead as planned and that Las Vegas can lead the way is awakening a nation to trance and EDM. Not only that but with the friendly and helpful culture fostered by attendees at EDC might bring togetherness to people at a time when they have never, ever needed it more.

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