Max Graham interview

Written by Remco on 28 January 2014 in Interviews
Max Graham interview

Max Graham continues to expand our horizons with the 5th Edition of his Cycles series, which has recently been released and for this occasion Sasan interviewed Max exclusively for TrancePodium.

Hello Max and warm welcome to TrancePodium. It is an honor for us to interview you. How are you doing and how did you spend last year?

Tired but feeling great. I spent last year working very hard :)

You had quite an extensive tour dates last year. What was your personal favorite event? 

I don’t like to play favorites and compare so many different and amazing experiences but i think the extended set in June in NYC. I played 6.5 hours of music from 2007 to now and the crowd came with total trust for the entire night. Was really one of my favorite sets of all time that I’ve played.

You got the 5th rank among the best live set of last year from TrancePodium awards. It shows that the fans love your performance.  What can the fans expect from your upcoming gigs?

Wow I didn’t know that. Thanks everyone! They can expect the unexpected. I like to mix it up playing a little bit of Trance, a little bit of Techno, and lots in between.

(Click here for the link to TP awards 2013)

Music technology is progressing very fast. It makes easier to produce music while there is a lot of discussions about repetitive sounds in the tracks. What is your idea about the future of dance music?

I have no idea. We get this question a lot and the only answer I can think of is that we don’t know and that’s the beauty of it.

What is your recommendation for the newcomer producers?

Be original and make music you love vs trying to fit into a genre. Never be afraid to be creative. And only do it if you love the music. Also please make us good intros and outros so your music is fun for us to mix as well as play :)

Are you going to experiment any new sub-genres of electronic music?

I think I already am. I play what moves me and I draw from any genres if they make sense in my set.

Your record label “Rebrand Records” as well as your radio show “Cycles Radio” has increased its popularity during the last year. What are the main elements of the success of the radioshow/label?

I’ve been really working hard to find new and original music for the radio show and I think the diversity has been appreciated. The interaction has been pretty amazing also and that’s helped spread the word.

Cycles 5 compilation is released recently by Armada Music. Would you please give us an overview of the compilation?  What makes this compilation unique in comparison with previous ones?

Well, it’s a mini version of the story I like to tell when DJing, it’s an 80 minute ride through deeper melodies, techno and trance. It’s a true representation of my DJ sets. I don’t really like to play favorites and compare things as I think each mix has its own story but no one edition is more special than another I find.

Max Graham Cycles tour 2014. Would you please give more information about your worldwide tour?
Well I have new visuals and tons of new music, also quite a few of the sets are open to close so I really get to showcase the way I play best.

Fan questions  

What are your favorite vocalists? Do you plan for any new vocal track this year?

I love working with Jeza, already have a track with her done as well as one with Fisher who has one of the best voices in Dance music so I’m very excited about the coming year.

Do you have any last message for your fans?

Well, I don’t call them fans, we’re all like-minded music lovers and I’m just happy to find enough with the same taste as me to fill the dancefloor :) I do want to thank everyone who's spread the word and invited a friend to come to my shows or listen to Cycles Radio for the first time. I can’t thank you enough and I promise to keep working hard to find amazing new tracks.

Thank you again for doing this interview with us. We are looking forward to meet you during ASOT650 Utrecht :)

Thank you and see you soon!


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