Menno de Jong 35th Birthday UNHCR Fundraiser

Written by Remco on 14 February 2019 in Events
Menno de Jong 35th Birthday UNHCR Fundraiser
About five years ago when Menno de Jong turned thirty he organized a small charity event in Amsterdam and played an extended classics set to raise funds for kids with cancer. Finding himself half a decade older and wiser Menno thought it was the right time to do something to give back to the world again.

He had the privilege of building his own energy neutral house over the past few years and with it nearing completion the most logical way to pay it forward seems to raise funds for those who have temporarily or permanently lost their home, and often loved ones. In our day to day lives we're usually oblivious to the political instability in the world that destroys the lives of people and families..

At the moment there are more than 68.5 million forcibly displaced people. Half of these refugees are children. They have a right to be protected and are in need of direct support such as shelter or food, as well as long term solutions to the situation they are in. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency supports refugees, people who are displaced within their own country and stateless people. With the help of donations UNHCR can provide direct support where it is needed the most, whether it is for those who have suffered the ruthless destruction of Syria, the Rohingya refugees that have fled violence in Myanmar, the neglected Burundian refugees in Africa or many other staggering humanitarian disasters.

The philosophy for this event is: donate according to one's means and volition. Whether it is large or small, it is most welcome, we've priced tickets as close to cost price as possible to make room for generosity.

  • 10% of all proceeds go to UNHCR.
  • You can make additional donations at the event, or using the donation vouchers online here.

Menno de Jong 35th Birthday UNHCR Fundraiser

Date: 23 March 2019
Time: 21:00-05:00
Venue: WesterUnie Amsterdam
Address: Klönneplein 4-6, 1014 DD  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Line-up (playing vinyl classics all night):
Cor Fijneman vs. Mark Norman
Menno de Jong
Misja Helsloot
Sied van Riel


Pre-sale tickets & donation vouchers are available here.

Early Bird: € 10 (Sold out)
First Release: € 15 (Sold out)
Second Release: € 17
Final Release: € 19 
Donation Voucher: € 5 
Donation Voucher: € 10


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